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Say Hello to the Newly Upgraded Hashnode Search

Edidiong Asikpo
Apr 28, 20212 min read

Previously, searching for anything (e.g., users, articles, tags, etc.) on Hashnode was a bit tasky. You enter a word or phrase into the search engine, and it comes up with a stack of irrelevant information. Not anymore! 😉 With our newly upgraded sea...

Say Hello to the Newly Upgraded Hashnode Search
Adding the Ability to Optimize the Title and Description of Your Hashnode Articles for Search Engines
Pin Widgets to the Top Of All Your Hashnode Articles Automatically
Create series on your blog and customize navbar!
Hashnode's editor now supports 8 new HTML tags - kbd, abbr, sub, sup, and more!
Introducing Audio Blogs on Hashnode. Now listen to articles automatically!