Discover Hashnode Writers You Already Follow on Twitter 🐦

Discover Hashnode Writers You Already Follow on Twitter 🐦

Grow your audience and find people you already know

Our engineering team has been working hard to upgrade your Hashnode experience as a writer and reader. A few common questions we get are "how to reach a bigger audience? How can more people discover me?" Or as a reader, we understand that you may want a larger variety of content or to follow people you already know from the tech Twitter community who are writing on Hashnode.

Twitter + Hashnode

Finding your tribe online is hard and, these days, building a community is so important; that's why we're building features to make you feel a little more at home. Meanwhile, listening to your feedback, we decided to create the "Connect your Twitter", a feature that allows you to discover Hashnode writers based on the people you already follow on Twitter! A small step making it easier to find your tribe. πŸ™Œ

How Does Connect your Twitter Work?

Once you join Hashnode, you'll notice the "Connect your Twitter" button on the homepage.

Connect your twitter.png

After selecting it, you'll be redirected to the Twitter authorization screen.

Authorization via Twitter.png

To proceed, click on Authorize app. After this, you'll be redirected once again to Hashnode.

From this screen, you can:

  • Follow all the people you know (recommended)
  • Select some your tribe
  • Go back

Follow writers from Twitter.png

After selecting the writers, click on the button + Follow on the bottom right corner and you're done! ✨

But Wait, There Is More!

As a writer, this feature will help you to get new followers and enable more people to enjoy your articles!

You'll get an automated email every week highlighting your new followers.

If it's too much, you can always change the email notifications by navigating to Account Settings.

Account settings.png


Here you'll notice the New Followers Weekly. By default, it'll be checked. If you make any changes don't forget to click the Update button.

Settings - New Followers Weekly.png

As a reader you now have a pool of writers based on your Twitter preferences, and you don’t have to start from scratch!

You can find the Followers or the people you're Following by navigating to your profile as shown in the picture below.

Find the Followers and Following.png

You can click on Followers or Following and find more details.

Followers and Following - click for more details.png

Available For Everyone

"Connect your Twitter" is available for new and old users, personal and team blogs. You can do this once; after completing it, the banner will be removed from your feed. If you decide you want to follow more people, you can always do it by navigating to their profile and clicking on the + Follow button.

Follow with the Follow button.png

Thanks for reading and we hope you'll enjoy this new feature. Please leave any comments or feedback below - this really helps us improve! πŸ‘‡β€