Making Hashnode AI free for all our users!

Making Hashnode AI free for all our users!

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Today we're excited to announce that our AI writing features are now free for everyone on Hashnode! This means all our users, even those on the free plan, can now supercharge their blogging and content creation process with powerful AI tools.

AI operations are powered by the efficient gpt3.5-turbo model, fine-tuned for article writing, although some rate limits will apply.

For those who need even more power, our PRO users will continue to enjoy exclusive access to GPT-4, which offers superior quality and fewer restrictions. PRO benefits also include GPT-4 vision for generating image alt text and the ability to create visually stunning blog covers with Dall-E 3 integration.

Free users now have access to a suite of AI-powered features, including:

AI-based rephrasing

Easily rework any paragraph to change the style, fix grammar, or make it easier to understand. This powerful feature helps you get your ideas across exactly how you want, making your writing clear and engaging for readers.

AI-based optimization for titles, subtitles, and SEO

Get more eyes on your content with better titles and descriptions. Hashnode's AI helps you write headlines that are both catchy and search engine friendly. By optimizing your titles and descriptions for SEO, you'll help more people find your articles, potentially boosting your traffic and engagement.

AI Slash Commands

Our new AI slash commands will level up your writing! Generate code snippets in a flash, organize your thoughts with outlines, and create summaries of those long articles. Just type /ai in the editor to unlock these tools. We built them to save you time and help you write even better content โ€“ whether you're coding, brainstorming, or getting the gist of complex ideas.

Contextual AI Chatbot

Get a boost from our smart AI chatbot while you write. Need a quick outline, some creative ideas, or in-depth explanations on a tricky topic? It's got you covered.

The best part? Our AI chatbot understands what you've already written, even long drafts. Perfect for researching, co-writing, or anything else you might need a hand with. I especially love it for X and LinkedIn thread creation. ๐Ÿ™Œ

โŒ AI generated, โœ… AI-assisted

We're committed on making the creative process better with AI โ€“ not replacing it. Our tools use AI to streamline and improve your work, but you stay in the driver's seat. This keeps your content original and authentic, infused with your own ideas and voice. It's a balancing act that helps you keep your unique style while getting the most out of AI. Personally, I've found I can write a lot faster now โ€“ a draft that took 4-6 hours is done in 2!

Continuous Iteration

We're always working to make our AI tools better! Like any AI, there might be times when the information isn't perfectly accurate, or things don't work quite right. It's important to double-check any critical facts. We love your feedback โ€“ if something isn't working or you have ideas, please reach out on Discord or X.

Our goal is to make these tools accessible to more developers, writers, and creators. We want to help you share your ideas effectively and reach a wider audience.

Start using these features today and see the difference they can make! ๐Ÿ’™

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