Hashnode SPECIAL July Giveaway! 🍱 ☕️ Yirgacheffe coffees to the top 100 writers in the community.

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Hashnode SPECIAL July Giveaway! 🍱 ☕️ Yirgacheffe coffees to the top 100 writers in the community.

Hello, lovely people of Hashnode!😻

We love seeing all your articles on Hashnode, and it's so exciting to be a witness to how each individual developer is growing and leveling up your game.

To keep the fire burning, for July we are giving out a delicious Ethiopian coffee to the top writers on Hashnode. This coffee from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia is known for its silky body and floral aroma 🥃

Here is a link between community and coffee 😎


Coffee is so important to Ethiopians that they will literally spend hours each day drinking it. The coffee ceremony is the Ethiopian culture’s most important social connection. To be invited is a sign of respect and friendship.

Coffee plays such a heavily ingrained role in Ethiopian culture that it appears in many expressions dealing with life, food, and interpersonal relationships. One common saying is “Buna dabo naw”. This literally translates to “Coffee is our bread”. > source

How to win the Hashnode Coffee giveaway🧧

Top 25 bloggers

Start writing your technical articles and at the end of the month, the top 25 writers with max engagement (comments, reactions, and views/reads) on their "July" articles will each receive 10 Yirgacheffe Coffee (worth USD 50) from us.

For next 50 writers, we will giveaway 1 Yirgacheffe Coffee (worth USD 5) each.

All you need to do is write a blog on Hashnode. The winners will be decided by our internal team by August 1st week. The winner announcement will be on our Twitter and LinkedIn.

Special 7 days streak challenge for ALL 🙌

Write 1 article every day for 7 continuous days, the top 25 writers who get max engagement and complete the streak will get 2 Yirgacheffe coffee (worth USD 10) each.

Don't forget to tag your post with #7daystreak once you have completed the challenge

IF you are new to the blogging scene, you should take full advantage of this!

Life-hack: Tweet your articles and tag Hashnode, and your engagement will get some amazing boost 🙌

💸 Payout

The payouts will be done by default through Hashnode Sponsors, an in-built micro-payments program. If you do not have access to Hashnode Sponsors yet, we'll give you beta access if you are one of the winners.

Alternatively, you can accept the prize using PayPal or BuyMeCoffee links.

📃 Some clauses to remember

  • Publish original content
  • No artificial view inflation
  • No asking friends to like the article
  • Quality content (determined by engagement on your article, we will count things such as comments, unique likes, etc.)

Spread the word about the coffee giveaway, especially encourage first-time bloggers, and help your circle of developers grow alongside you 💗

May the force be with you and we can't wait to read your articles!💪

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