What's new at Hashnode — Dec '22 & Jan '23

What's new at Hashnode — Dec '22 & Jan '23

New blog design, improved drafts, supercharged newsletter, and more

Product update: Snippets of what we've been working on 🎉

The last two months have been a busy time for the team, with everyone working hard to level up your publishing experience on Hashnode. We have already released some exciting updates in the last two months, we are just getting started for 2023!

Here is an update on some of Hashnode's latest, and greatest improvements from December 2022, and January 2023. It's a big one so let's get started!

Article to a newsletter in a flash

You can now deliver your articles to your audience by email as a newsletter. Flip the switch in your blog’s dashboard, and invite readers to subscribe with their email addresses. They'll receive articles in their entirety in their inboxes as they’re published.

Use our powerful Neptune editor to compose your content, then see how your posts and newsletters look on the web and in email clients in our preview tool on desktop and mobile devices before you publish.

Newsletters come with simple analytics baked in, including subscriber count, open rate, and clickthrough rate. You can also manage subscribers, track audience growth, and check sent history from the newsletter dashboard.

Read the full update by Hashnode's very own content strategist, Abhimanyu Ghoshal, on how to launch your tech newsletter in a flash.

Drafts where you need them

We have another upgrade to your writing experience at Hashnode: drafts in your sidebar.

You can now access all your drafts right from the blog editor, without leaving your workspace and disrupting your flow. That means fewer clicks to get from one post to another, easier access to your ideas, and quicker publishing.

You can manage your drafts without leaving the editor — easily copy a link and privately share the draft with someone, preview your draft on your device, or delete it.

If you’re a prolific writer with a ton of drafts, you’ll be happy to know we’ve also built a brand-new search tool to help you find drafts by their title.

Read the full update by Hashnode's co-founder, Sandeep Panda, on how to polish your drafts without disrupting your workflow.

New modern blog design

We have made a lot of improvements to Hashnode blogs, both on the blog home page, as well as the article page.

Look out for these design updates on article pages:

  • The revamped header allows you to focus more on the content, and access search more easily.

  • A floating article bar that appears at the bottom of the page as you scroll aids engagement, with buttons to like, bookmark, share, view comments, and access more functions.

  • Redesigned slide-out comments sidebar (yup, comments are no longer at the bottom) for easy conversation.

  • Shiny new ❤️ button! Every reader can react up to 10 times per article, and per comment.

Read the full changelog update for more: Article Page Redesign, Mobile Apps Updates & More!

Hashnode on the go

Our mobile app received some love too. Before getting into the changes, if you haven’t downloaded the app so far, do it now!

Try out these nifty improvements:

  • In the new profile screen, you will notice that all the information about an author is now visible, just like on our website. You can also see their recent activities on Hashnode, and the various blogs they publish content on.

  • Listen to articles on the go using the audio blogs feature, which was previously only available on desktops.

  • The new ❤️ reactions are now also on the mobile app to complement the same changes seen in our blog redesign! You can Like an article up to 10 times.

Read the full changelog update for more: Article Page Redesign, Mobile Apps Updates & More!

👀 Something is in the works

We are busy working on some really exciting updates featuring an upgraded experience for Hashnode writers.

Stay tuned for improvements to Neptune that will make you feel superhuman and increase your focus, GitHub integration improvements, and insights into your writing.

This is definitely going to be one for our 'Pro' users. 😉🚀