The Epic Hashnode Writeathon — The winners! 🏅

The Epic Hashnode Writeathon — The winners! 🏅

🎉 The time has come to announce the winners of The Epic Hashnode Writeathon hosted last month.

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Hashnode is on the mission to empower tech writers worldwide to share knowledge freely without much hassle. Writeathon was an initiative to motivate writers to come forward and express themselves on their Hashnode blogs and interact with the global tech community.

Writeathon had four categories:

  • Web apps,
  • Mobile Apps,
  • Cloud computing, and
  • Web3

A judge was assigned to every category to pick a winner. We are super honored to have some of the best from the tech community in our panel:

The Winners 🏆

🌏 Web apps: Category winner (Grand winner)

How To Next.js
Written by Ephraim Atta-Duncan

How To Next.js

📱 Mobile Apps: Category winner

How to Combine and Make Drawer and Bottom Tab Navigators Visible on Every Screen in React Native
Written by Taofiq Aiyelabegan

How to Combine and Make Drawer and Bottom Tab Navigators Visible on Every Screen in React Native

🪙 Web3: Category winner

Creating an Advanced NFT with RMRK2.0 the Hard Way
Written by Brandon Macer

Creating an Advanced NFT with RMRK2.0 the Hard Way

☁️ Cloud Computing: Category winner

Introduction to CI/CD & CI/CD Pipeline
Written by Vaidansh Bhardwaj

Introduction to CI/CD & CI/CD Pipeline

100 Honorable mentions

  1. The Complete Modern React Developer 2022 by Andrew Baisden
  2. Getting Started With Open Source by Mudit Mishra
  3. Hoisting in JavaScript explained visually 🔥 😍 by Narottam Sahu
  4. Sessions vs JWTs - A Complete Guide to Authentication by Dhruva Srinivas
  5. How to test React applications with React Testing Library and Jest by Uhiene Gift Eleojo
  6. Strategically Thinking Through Coding Exercises by Dave Guymon
  7. Using a Genetic Algorithm to Find Your User's Ideal Theme by Fernando Doglio
  8. React: Master useEffect Hook by Faheem Khan
  9. Why You Should Ditch Create-React-App for Vite by Israel Oyetunji
  10. Better Backend DX: Fastify + ESBuild = ⚡️ by David Peng
  11. Introducing ReactPlay - Learn, Create, Share ReactJS projects by Tapas Adhikary
  12. Build 5 Web Apps in 10 Hours using Next.js, React.js & Tailwind CSS by Vikas Rai
  13. Animation is Fun with GSAP, by Priyanshu Kumawat
  14. Deciphering Closures in JS 🔥 by Tarandeep Singh
  15. React.js Deep Dive as a beginner by Goutam Nath
  16. Add Feature Flags to your NextJS App Using Firebase’s Realtime Database by Matteo Mortelliti
  17. Creating A Twitter Bot with Node.js by Asaolu Elijah
  18. Mobile UI/UX Design Principles You Should Know by Bhumi Khokhani
  19. Object-Oriented Programming Explained Like Never Before by Atul Kumar
  20. Learn JavaScript DOM by building a slider without html markups by Bonaventure Chukwudi
  21. Best Practice for Optimizing Web Performance by Ajayi Bolarinwa.C
  22. Getting Better at Web Development by Jacob Good
  23. The importance of designing towards abstractions by Alberto Romero
  24. A Quick Guide To Building Good React Native Mobile Apps by Estee Tey
  25. Moving Network Requests to Native Modules: A Guide by Corina Ferencz
  26. Exploring State Management in Flutter with Provider, by Ayush Pawar
  27. I found WinDev better than Android Studio, Here's why, by Antonin Hérault
  28. Turn your SvelteKit app into a PWA in 3 simple steps, by coldino
  29. Build a better mobile application in 2022 ! 📱 by Rajesh Khadka
  30. Full Guide to Testing Android Applications in 2022 by Max Kim
  31. How to make a simple video calling app with Flutter and Agora, by Oluwa Mayowa
  32. Creating a Flutter App on Windows with WSL2 by Maria Situmbeko
  33. Advanced Animations in SwiftUI by Vasilis Akoinoglou
  34. Become a React Native Developer in 2022: The hardcoded way by Joshua A.
  35. Conditionals, An Easier Design Decision But A Poor Choice by Abhishek Saxena
  36. Flutter Basic Training: A Complete Guide For Beginners by Dhruv Nakum
  37. Kotlin Scope Function Breakdown by Rohit Jakhar
  38. Simple REST API Android App in Kotlin - Various HTTP Client Library Implementations by Vincent Tsen
  39. Explore the sphere of Cloud Computing by Nibedita Behera
  40. Event-Driven Architecture in Python by Sadra Yahyapour
  41. A beginner's guide to Dualbooting Windows with Ubuntu: Part 1 by Arnav Barman
  42. How to NOT melt your Credit Card on AWS by Sreekesh Iyer
  43. On-premise vs. Cloud: Should you make the shift? by Benny Ifeanyi Iheagwara
  44. AWS Service Control Policies (SCPs) - A Complete Guide with examples, by Danny Steenman
  45. Docker For Production Build by Vignesh Shetty
  46. Set Up Free Professional Emails with Cloudflare and Gmail by James Sinkala
  47. High-Performance Applications with Microservices, by Fiifi Baidoo
  48. Deploy Rust Applications To AWS Lambda by Nouman Rahman
  49. Long Running User-Driven Tasks in the Cloud by Jason Williams
  50. AWS Billing And Cost Optimization; Decoding The Maze!! by Cynthia Mwihaki Kamau
  51. ☔️ AWS CDK 101 - ⛅️ Dynamodb streams triggering batch deleteObjects S3 by Aravind V
  52. Leverage AWS Services and CDK to Build an Amazing Read4Me App! by David Fernández Ortiz
  53. Serverless Cron Jobs with AWS Batch by Alvin Endratno
  54. From Zero to Hero with Solidity by Jennifer Bland
  55. Quickstart Guide To Building NFT Minting DAPPs On The Ethereum Chain by Osada Vidath Chandrasekara
  56. How to Get Started in Web3 as a Developer by Samarth Saxena
  57. From DeFi to GameFi by Chetan Singh
  58. The Blockchain Community needed Ethereum to win! by ISAAC NDUBUISI
  59. Let’s build a Fullstack Minting dapp using blockchain by Darshan Mandade
  60. How to Mint an NFT on Polygon by Paul McAviney
  61. Solidity in Easy Steps: Building an Escrow Smart Contract (Part 1) by Ewetoye, Ibrahim
  62. Overview of Blockchain Environments by Aniketh Paul
  63. Put Yourself on the Blockchain: Creating an NFT on Solana by Jordan Baron
  64. Introduction to Liquid for developers by Sonny Alves Dias
  65. Build a Decentralized News Feed using Reactjs, TailwindCSS, Etherjs, IPFS & Solidity by Olubisi Idris Ayinde
  66. What Is The Web3 Stack? by Emmanuel Awosika
  67. What is the metaverse anyway? by polarzero
  68. Building a blockchain without computers, in the middle of an island back in 1528 by Joel
  69. Web3, NFTs and Sustainable Agriculture by Enitan Bello
  70. Moderation and censorship in the Web3 era by Allister Beharry
  71. An Effective Way To Build Your Own Oracle With Solidity by Noah Liechti
  72. The Complete Guide to Decentralized Finance by Nonstack
  73. Decentralized Storage Networks — An Explainer by Aishat Adenike Akinyemi
  74. Staying Safe as a Blockchain Dev: Safe Smart Contract and dApp Development for Beginners by Jacob Habib
  75. How to DApp without Solidity by Jeremy Ikwuje
  76. A beginners guide to Web3 by Suraj Vishwakarma
  77. Notify Bot : Github Action + Workflow by Atharva Shirdhankar
  78. AWS Architecture Diagram As Code Using Python by Dheeraj Choudhary
  79. How To Learn Any Programming Language by Ana Vela
  80. Web Performance - Renderland's Saga, Book 2 by Emmanuel Daniel
  81. The Making of FlevaR by Carlonn Rivers
  82. Why I Switched to Typescript in 2022 and Why You Should To by Developer Avocado
  83. Principles of UI/UX Design by Swati Sarangi
  84. Load Test Your API in 5 Easy Steps by Anikesh Kamath
  85. How I Built A Web Development Challenges Website With $0 (And You Can Too!) by Rishi Purwar
  86. How to speed up a Web App loading time by 10x faster! by Amit Wani
  87. How I Built a Music Player to Showcase my own Tracks by Madza
  88. AutoML: Where Artificial Intelligence meets Cloud Computing by Salim Oyinlola
  89. An Introduction to Kubernetes for Complete Beginners by Vivek Kumar Singh
  90. Portainer: A guide for docker Beginners by Shivam Verma
  91. Terraform State File Management (Part 1: local) by komlaetou

New additions to the honorable mentions list

  1. Django GraphQL API, by _Damilare
  2. React.js State: what it is and how to use it., by Roland Sankara
  3. Getting started with Shopify's Hydrogen Framework, by Menard Maranan
  4. How to Start iOS Development Career - The 5 Steps Plan, by Leonardo Maia Pugliese
  5. How to Choose The Right Database for Your Application, by Apoorv Tyagi
  6. All about Serverless vs Containers, by Ashirwad Pradhan
  7. Cloud Computing: Getting Started, by Aman Rawat
  8. A to Z of Smart Contract Development and Web3 for Beginners, by Sharon Jebitok
  9. A Brief History Of Web3 - Cryptocurrencies To Metaverse Of Madness, by Amoghavarsha


Grand winner: $3000
Category winners: $1000 each
Honorable mentions: $100 each

Hashnode team will reach out to the winners on their registered email addresses from 22nd June onwards. Please reach out to support if you have any questions.

Linode x Hashnode Hackathon 🤑

If you didn't make it to the list, don't be disheartened. Here's your chance to be the hacker you know you can be — participate in Linode x Hashnode! Compete for 10K USD in prizes.

We're incredibly proud of the community we have built so far. There are more hackathons and writeathons lined up for this year. Don't forget to join Hashnode's Discord server and follow @hashnode on Twitter.

Love 💙
Team Hashnode