Project Ideas and Tutorials for the AWS Amplify x Hashnode Hackathon πŸ’‘

Project Ideas and Tutorials for the AWS Amplify x Hashnode Hackathon πŸ’‘

Coming up with project ideas for a hackathon is challenging, but we have you covered!

As you probably already know, for September, Hashnode is hosting an AWS Amplify hackathon. πŸ™Œ You can participate by building an open-source app of your choice using AWS Amplify and its products. Write an article explaining your product and how you used AWS Amplify, and you're in. This is your chance to win a big cash prize (up to 1000$), AWS Amplify credits, and cool swag!

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Sometimes the difficult part is coming up with ideas... but don't worry, that's why we are here!

In this article, we'll list some options and tutorials you can take inspiration and start developing your own project!

New to AWS Amplify?! πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

If you're now getting started with it, we recommend watching this video by Ali Spittel.

On Ali's YouTube channel, you'll also find many noteworthy project ideas, like:

And many tutorials, like:

Guides by the Hashnode team and writers πŸ’»

Learn AWS ~ Hashnode's AWS blog

Did you know that Hashnode has an official AWS blog?

All these writers are well experienced and masters in their craft. You can find detailed articles, guides, and in-depth tutorials all around AWS!

Here are some examples:

The list is big! Make sure to check it!

Hashnode engineering blog, building an Event-Driven architecture

This is a new series where Hashnode's engineers show you how we built an Event-Driven Architecture on AWS β›ˆοΈ. Sandro Volpicella will be your guide!

From the community πŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈ

Our participants have started to submit their projects for the AWS Amplify hackathon! Feel free to check them here and be inspired by them!

More ideas πŸ’‘

Check out more ideas categorized based on experience and languages/frameworks/libraries.

Beginners level project ideas

  1. Rapid Document Conversion
  2. Windows Virtual Machine – Deployment
  3. Mass Emailing using AWS Lambda
  4. Serverless Web App

Intermediate level project ideas

  1. Real-time Data Processing Application
  2. Customer Logic Workflow
  3. Chatbots using AWS Lex
  4. Content Recommendation System

Advanced level project ideas

  1. Custom Alexa Skills
  2. Serverless Image Recognition Engine
  3. Text-to-Speech Converter
  4. Blood Bank Management System

Python project ideas

  1. AWS Athena Big Data Project for Querying COVID-19 Data
  2. AWS ETL Data Pipeline ~ on YouTube Data
  3. Real-Time Streaming Data Pipeline using Flink and Kinesis

React Native project ideas

  1. Conference app in a box
  2. Social messaging app
  3. Book a ride app

React project ideas

  1. Real-time collaborative blog post editor
  2. Real-time collaborative drawing canvas
  3. Tracking job listings app

Need help regarding the Hackathon or looking to discuss more ideas? πŸ†˜

Join the hackathon channel on Hashnode's Discord server or talk to us on Twitter! You can also check the AWS Amplify Discord server, where thousands of AWS developers hang on.

We can't wait to see what you build!