Hashnode Newsletter Feature - For Busy Developers

Hashnode Newsletter Feature - For Busy Developers

For developers that want their newsletter but do not have time to manage one


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Perhaps you want to start a developer newsletter, but you do not have time or other resources.

I am in the same position - I do not have the necessary time to create and maintain a newsletter. But that's where the Hashnode Newsletter comes into play.

hashnode-newsletter-screenshot.png Figure 1

With the newsletter feature, you can allow readers to subscribe to your blog, and it also sends an email automatically each time you publish a new blog article.

How does it help?

Usually, you need to use a separate newsletter service. Moreover, you might also need to pay for that service.

Now, you need to spend time creating weekly newsletters from scratch, and that's very time-consuming. First, you have to create and design the newsletter and then embed your content.

This is where Hashnode comes to help. Hashnode does that for you automatically, which means you can focus only on writing.

In the past, I tried multiple services to maintain my newsletter. However, even though they are more complex and have more features, you have to craft the newsletter manually. That's the biggest blocker for me, and that's where Hashnode helped me.

Also, the newsletter feature will get more powerful in the future. You can see the new improvements coming later in the article.

How to enable it

You can enable the newsletter from your blog dashboard. See figure 2 below.

Hashnode newsletter service Figure 2

However, for more thorough information, I recommend checking the official documentation. You can see the "newsletter" section here.

How does it look

Once you enable the newsletter feature, the subscribe form will appear at the top of each article.

hashnode newsletter feature.png Figure 3

In figure 3, above, you can see an example from a Hashnode blog. Or, you can scroll at the beginning of this article to see it live.

Future improvements

The newsletter feature only allows people to subscribe to your blog and it sends automatic emails at the moment. But the good news is that we are constantly improving the newsletter to make it more useful for you.

Here are some improvements we plan to add in the near future:

  • import subscribers from another service
  • send custom emails to your subscribers
  • export subscribers
  • design and format your emails

Until then, you can allow people to subscribe to your blog and send an email each time you publish an article!


What's your experience with the Hashnode newsletter? Let us know in the comments!

Also, if you have other suggestions for the newsletter feature, we are all ears!