Hashnode for Teams is now open to all in Public Beta ๐ŸŽŠ

Hashnode for Teams is now open to all in Public Beta ๐ŸŽŠ

Build the next freeCodeCamp and HackerNoon on Hashnode, a blogging platform for devtools, engineering, and open-source projects


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We are so excited to announce the general availability of Hashnode for Teams. You can now create a team blog on Hashnode, and invite your entire team to collaborate, and publish under one umbrella.

For the last 6 months, we have been testing this in private beta and gathering feedback from our early adopters. Now that we have made significant progress, we decided to open it up for everyone in the community.

Team blogs powered by HashnodeIn the screenshot: Geekyant's Tech Blog, LearnCodeOnline, and Doppler Engg Blog

Why should teams host their blog on Hashnode?

Hashnode's started with helping individual developers and people in tech tell their stories easily without any friction while maintaining complete ownership of their data. We are now going one step ahead, and helping engineering and devtools teams take control of their data.

Because of a lack of alternatives, teams have been giving away their content to other platforms in exchange for visibility and engagement. They aren't investing in their own SEO and domain authority. They also have to rely on a different tool for collaboration between editors and contributors and to manage the whole publishing workflow.

We have been working closely with some of the early adopters to understand their pain and deliver an end-to-end solution that just works.

With Hashnode for Teams:

  • Custom domain: You can publish the content on your company subdomain or a custom domain. For example, GeekyAnts, a product studio that develops mobile and web apps, hosts their blog on techblog.geekyants.com and invests in their own SEO. Similarly, Doppler hosts their content on blog.doppler.com so that people are aware of its brand.

  • Unlimited Staff Users: You can invite an unlimited number of editors and contributors to contribute to your blog. We make it really easy to invite members to your team blog and perform the content reviews. For example, DeveloperDAO runs a publication with 35+ members and is growing fast. Our own in-house team publications like web3.hashnode.com and aws.hashnode.com are also powered by Hashnode for Teams.
    Developer DAO BlogIn the screenshot: DeveloperDAO's Team Blog

  • Ready to scale: You can build a really large publication with no limits on the number of team members or blog posts. For example, Learn Code Online is one of the community-oriented publications using Hashnode to scale their blog. They have close to 20 members and around 100 blog posts. And they are growing really fast.
    Learn Code Online's Members PageIn the screenshot: Learn Code Online's Members Page

We believe the next freeCodeCamp or Hackernoon won't be built from scratch. It will be built using a modern no-code tool that solves the problem of content ownership, collaboration, and distribution. That's exactly what we are offering with Hashnode for Teams.

How to start a team blog or publication on Hashnode?

Log in to your Hashnode account and go to the homepage, and click on the more options dropdown present beside the "Write" button.

create a team blog

We have also created a brand new landing page that you can check out: hashnode.com/teams. For a detailed guide, check out our support docs, and blog post. The process is quite similar to how you create an individual blog. Choose a subdomain, and optionally map a custom domain, and you are done. You can even convert your existing blog to a team blog from the advanced tab.

How much should we pay for Hashnode for Teams?

It's free. We're sticking to the original goal of not introducing paywalls and sign up prompts to the articles. Knowledge sharing is free and will always be on Hashnode. That's Hashnode's biggest differentiator from its competitors like Medium and Substack.

You can create multiple team blogs, invite unlimited collaborators, and publish unlimited blog posts.

Some of the revenue models for Hashnode:

  • Hackathons: We partner with businesses and drive engagement to their product through our hackathon platform. Both Hashnode and businesses get huge adoption because of this, and we also generate revenue.

  • Marketplaces: We firmly believe if we are able to create a massive community of developers, we can create a lot of value for everyone through a marketplace, and help developers monetize their skills on a global scale. We have several ideas that revolve around knowledge sharing, mentorship, premium subscriptions, and so on - and we are actively thinking about all of these areas. But we feel we still have quite a bit of work to do before we can implement any of these.

  • Developer Hubs: We have briefly discussed this before. Our ultimate goal is to help companies build their developer hubs using a no-code tool like Hashnode. A blog is a part of a developer hub. Engineering teams also require documentation, and a support forum to successfully run their hubs. This is something we are actively working on, and helping teams start a blog on their own domain is the first step towards achieving our goal.

So, we have a big dream and mission. Ultimately, we would like to build a large business that solves bigger problems. In order to do that, we need to drive growth, and that is why we are offering Hashnode for Teams for free.

Remember, running a team blog on Hashnode is zero risk because you have been posting content under your own custom domain, not hashnode.com. So, in case you would like to eject in the future, you can download a copy of your articles (in Markdown), and move to a different platform at any time.

Planned Upgrades

We have great plans for Hashnode for Teams. Here's what we have in terms of planned upgrades:

  • Automatic backup of posts on your team's private GitHub repo. It is already supported for individual blogs. We are going to extend this to teams very soon

  • Sourcing/publishing articles directly from GitHub every time you commit

  • Ability to enable Hashnode Sponsors and raise funds directly from your community. This will support smaller teams

  • Ability to host your blog on a subpath of your domain (e.g. company.com/blog)

  • Ability to change author of a draft and published articles

and several other items that will 10x your team blogging experience. If you need any specific features or notice any rough edges, please report them here.

We are super excited about this feature, and can't wait to see your upcoming team blogs! ๐Ÿš€