HarperDB + Hashnode Hackathon Winners!

HarperDB + Hashnode Hackathon Winners!

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We are super excited to announce the winners of #HarperDBHackathon. Around 80 projects were built and deployed using HarperDB in a span of four weeks (June 1st to June 30th). We are blown away by the quality and the originality of the submissions! 🙌

Thank you to all the participants for devoting their time and building an open-source project for our Hackathon.

All the entries were judged based on product thinking, UI/UX, quality of code, best practices, article completeness, and comprehensibility. The entries were judged one by one and manually.

By no particular order, the winners 🥳 of the #HarperDBHackathon Hackathon are as follows:


  1. ConnectEm - Your one stop to simple Daily Meeting scheduler - Created by Piyush Sinha.

  2. MoodPraiser - Fun habit tracker to keep everyone accountable - Created by Candy Tsai.

  3. Amalytics: A tiny analytics powered by HarperDB - Created by Amal Shaji.

  4. Introducing StaticShield🛡: Password protect a website in less than 2 mins. - Created by Lalit.

  5. Introducing Code House - A whole new world of 300+ Developer Cheatsheets 👨‍💻 - Created by Savio Martin.

Runners Up

  1. Introducing Flow 2.0 - Created by Geeky Chakri.

  2. Eye Care - An app that will help you to take care of your eyes - Created by Siddhi Gate.

  3. Introducing Pynk.in: An open-source alternative to Bitly with Analytics and Reports - Created by Akhil Gautam.

  4. Taskify - An app to manage your daily tasks and boost your productivity - Created by Vaibhav Jaiswal.

  5. Alkatraz: An app that helps you to Reach your goals by managing your Habits - Created by NISHANT Kumar.

  6. QuizZon: Create and play unlimited quizzes free - Created by Rohit Jakhar.

  7. Introducing TryShape: Give Your Creativity a Shape - Created by Tapas Adhikary.

  8. Introducing Dev Interviewer🍾 - A website to share your experience with tech interviews - Created by Brayan Arrieta Alfaro.

  9. Introducing Ed-Quiz 🥳 🎊- An Educational App built for Parents & Teachers to evaluate their children's and students - Created by Yuvaraj.

  10. INTRODUCING: Developer Typing Game Platform powered by the HERN Stack - Created by Ayodele Samuel Adebayo.


🎁 Top 5 Winners:

🎁 10 Runners Up Prizes

Participants (with a valid project)

A participation badge for your blog 🏅

How to claim the prizes:

All the winners and runners-up will receive an email with instructions to claim the prize from the Hashnode team in the next few days (on or before 13th July, Tuesday).

Thank you again for participating and making #HarperDBHackathon a success.

What's next?

Every new month we are organizing a new Hackathon, July's Hackathon is in collaboration with Clerk, take part here ✌️ .

Don't get disheartened if you didn't win! Remember, persistence is the key to success!

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