AWS Amplify Hackathon Winners!

AWS Amplify Hackathon Winners!

We are super excited to announce the winners of #AmplifyHashnode Hackathon. Around 80 apps were built and deployed to AWS Amplify in a span of just three weeks (Feb 8th - Feb 28th) and we are blown away by the quality of the submissions! 🤯

I would like to thank you for participating and making this a successful hackathon.

As mentioned in the announcement post, all the entries were judged based on product thinking, UI/UX, quality of code, best practices, article completeness, and comprehensibility.

The winners of the #AmplifyHashnode Hackathon are as follows: 🥳


  1. Introducing Gradient King - Never again run out of gradients! 🌈
    Created by Savio Martin

  2. I Created a Deep Linking Tech for YouTube Influencers and Marketeers
    Created by Hrithwik Bharadwaj

  3. ANKO - A dad's attempt to make the daughter fall in love with mathematics
    Created by Tapas Adhikary

  4. Featherify - The Image Substitute Generator
    Created by Aditya Mitra

  5. HobbitHole - Your personal habit tracker with friends!
    Created by Ankeet Maini

Runners Up

  1. AWS Hackathon - 1Pitch / Pitch your startup to investors - Created by René Goretzka

  2. How I developed an App (from 0 to market) in a 12H Livestream - Created by Vadim Savin

  3. Introducing Speaker Feedback - collect anonymous feedback from your audience - Created by Mahmoud Abdel Wahab

  4. Less 3 Than - The Heming(way) approach to buy game keys - Created by casiimir

  5. Decentralized Social Media Using AWS Amplify and Ethereum - Created by MOHIT BHAT

  6. Savvy - Build better products with customer feedback - Created by Liyas Thomas

  7. Techie Jargon - Browse Technical Terms for Definition - Created by Omotola Shogunle

  8. Introducing Loudrr - Not Just Another Commenting Engine - Created by Jatin Kathuria

  9. Feed Alert - an RSS Reader Powered by AWS Amplify - Created by Abdessamad

  10. AssignmentHub - An App to manage assignments for university professors - AWS Amplify Hackathon - Created by Sagar Khurana


All the winners are eligible for:

  • $1000 Amazon Gift Card or equivalent. 💵
  • Hashnode T-Shirt
  • AWS Amplify T-Shirt

All the runners up are eligible for:

  • $500 Amazon Gift Card or equivalent. 💵
  • Hashnode T-Shirt
  • AWS Amplify T-Shirt

How to claim the prizes:

All the winners and runners up will receive an email with instructions to claim the prize from the Hashnode team in the next few days.

Thank you again for participating and making #AmplifyHashnode hackathon a success. ✌️ We'll organize more such hackathons in the future. So, don't get disheartened if you didn't win! Remember, persistence is the key to success!

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