What's new at Hashnode — Nov '23

What's new at Hashnode — Nov '23

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Hello Hashnoders, I'm excited to share our November product updates with you! We've been cooking awesome updates to improve your experience within our community. Let me know which feature you liked the most by leaving a comment on this post!

Headless Hashnode

Combine Hashnode's capabilities with your custom-built blog with Headless Hashnode. Deploy on any domain or sub-paths such as /blog.
🤝 Build your blog, your way or fork our blog starter kit and start building!

Editor V2

Our favorite blog Editor got overhauled with a new UI, upgraded UX, and improved set of controls.


Promote writers you admire, send them community members, and create a great network effect! Who are your recommended Hashnode writers?

⌘ CMD + K

You can now navigate all key sections of Hashnode without using a mouse. Quickly access your blog dashboard, analytics, drafts, and more.

Multi-author support

If you want to create or already have a team blog on Hashnode, to collaborate with others, you can now give them credit via our multi-author feature.

Drag & drop content blocks

Now, you can drag and drop content blocks inside our Editor. This improves your content editing experience by a mile!
👉 Try it out today on your latest draft

Natural language processing

We've made post scheduling easier with a new natural language widget and a refreshed date and time picker!
👉 Schedule your latest draft

Badges and challenges overhaul

Stand out like a pro! Our badges and challenges got redesigned with new shiny badges to showcase your writing expertise to our community.

Wrapping Up

This wraps up our November round-up of Hashnode's latest features 💪
Stay tuned to all of our upcoming updates, make sure to follow our Twitter.

→ Got any feature requests? Let us know in our Discord community.

We have an exciting set of features shipping soon in the coming months!