Top 4 Devblogs You Should Follow This Week

Hey there Hashnoders,

Since we built our blogging platform for developers - Devblog, there have been thousands of posts lining up on Hashnode. In this post, I'll list a few prominent bloggers you should keep your eye on.

Carlos Caballero's blog

Carlos Caballero has a PhD. in Computer Science and comes from Málaga, Spain. He's teaching developers and people with a degree/master in computer science how to be experts in web technologies. Also, he's working with companies on courses in Angular, TypeScript, NodeJS or any topic about development.

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LifeInPHP by Benjamin

Benjamin Beganović is a full-stack web developer in love with PHP. You can find him writing about PHP, Laravel, Javascript, MySQL, and other technologies

Promise Amadi is a writer and Flutter Developer. He works with startups across the globe to build mobile solutions using Flutter and regularly shares his tips with the rest of the Flutter community on his blog.

Todd is a malware researcher at an antivirus company. He specializes in reverse engineering Windows binary files, C, x86 assembly, C#, and also uses Python. His blog posts are very insightful, so make sure to follow him in order not to miss any of them in the future!

That's all for this week, see you next time. Who are your favorite devbloggers?

P.S. Please help us spread the word about Devblog and mention it to your dev friends. Let's grow together!