🏆 thirdweb x Hashnode Hackathon Winners

🏆 thirdweb x Hashnode Hackathon Winners

The winning projects!

We are super excited to announce the winners of #thirdwebhackathon. Several projects were built using thirdweb's smart contracts, SDKs, and UI components to create NFTs, governance tokens, marketplaces, and more, in a span of 25 days (Jan 5th to Jan 31st). We are blown away by the quality and the originality of the submissions!

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We can see all the hard work in your participation, and we would like to thank you for devoting your time and building a project for our thirdweb Hackathon. 🙌

All the entries were judged based on creativity, product thinking, UI/UX, quality of code, best practices, article completeness, and comprehensibility. The entries were judged one by one and manually by the thirdweb staff.

The winners 🥳 of the #thirdwebhackathon Hackathon are as follows:


  1. NFT-Fair, a playground of NFTs - Created by Charles V J
  2. I wanna play a game... an NFT game! - Created by Gokhan Demirhan
  3. Introducing Vault3 - Your safest decentralized vault! - Created by Anurag
  4. TwNFT - Mint your tweets as NFTs easily and for free - Created by Anish De
  5. Introducing Web3 CLI - Created by Arpan Pandey

Runners Up

  1. Snippi NFTs: The interactive NFT collection for frontend developers - Created by Freddy González
  2. Gen-I - Incentivize Open source contribution using NFTs! - Created by Ayush jain
  3. Treasure Hunt - a location-based NFT game using thirdweb - Created by YH Gan
  4. Meet ThirdAuth! A ThirdWeb-powered service to add NFT-Gated authentication to any app or service - Created by Erick Ruano
  5. Introducing Web3Chat - A decentralized chat app! - Created by David Fernández Ortiz
  6. How I made a gasless NFT drop with Javascript only - Created by Azim Ahmed
  7. Build a Reward System on Thirdweb - Created by onoja arome
  8. Audiobooks - An Audible like platform built with Next.js, Tailwind and ThirdWeb - Created by Indrajeet Nikam
  9. BUIDLing Decentrablog - The Decentralized blogging experience - Created by Sampriti Mitra
  10. Building our first NFT Marketplace ARCANE without writing single line of Solidity - Created by Ashish maurya

Prizes 🎉

🎁 Top 5 Winners

  • $500 USD via Hashnode Sponsors program, or equivalent gift card
  • Exclusive NFT by thirdweb
  • Hashnode T-Shirt + Mug

🎁 10 Runners Up Prizes

  • $250 USD via Hashnode Sponsors program, or equivalent gift card
  • Exclusive NFT by thirdweb
  • Hashnode T-Shirt + Mug

🏅 Participants (with a valid project)

  • Exclusive participation NFT by thirdweb
  • A participation badge for your blog

How to claim the prizes:

All the winners and runners-up will receive an email with instructions to claim the prize from the Hashnode team in the next few days.

Thank you again for participating and making the #thirdwebhackathon a success.

What's next?

Don't get disheartened if you didn't win! Remember, persistence is the key to success!

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