The Epic Hashnode Writeathon!

The Epic Hashnode Writeathon!

A writeathon to publish an article of your choice and win upto $3000. Featuring Quincy, Debbie, Hassan, Evan, Erika, and Bruno.

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Calling all the tech writers! When was the last time you read a very helpful tutorial, guide, or a piece of programming advice? If we encourage you to create such a masterpiece — to write an article that would help:

  • solve big technical problems
  • get started with a programming language or framework
  • other developers become 10x better…

… would you do it?

We think you can. Hashnode’s community has grown by 100x in the last 1 year because of all the amazing tech writers. The platform has hundreds of high-quality articles that are frequently visited multiple times a week. And now, we want to help the community come up with amazing pieces of content with The Epic Hashnode Writeathon.

The challenge, which will take place over the course of four weeks (18th April to 15th May 2022), is a chance for you to write the article you always wanted to write and also share it with the community of thousands of Hashnode readers — plus, an opportunity to win upto 3,000 USD.

Here’s how it will work. We’re providing four categories: Web apps, Mobile Apps, Cloud computing, and Web3. A descriptive paragraph accompanies each category to help you get started.

Our expert panel will join as guest judges to select their favorites. Those judges include Quincy Larson, Debbie O'Brien, Erika Heidi, Hassan El Mghari, Evan Bacon, and Bruno Skvorc.

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With the help of the judging panel, Hashnode will select four finalist winners - one for each prompt - who will each be awarded 1,000 USD. One of the four finalists will be selected for a grand prize of 3000 USD. Additionally, 100 honorable mentions will each win 100 USD.

Entering the challenge is easy: Just write to one – or more - of the writing prompts outlined below, and include the associated tag when publishing your story on Hashnode.

Web Apps 🌎

Whether you are a full-stack JavaScript developer or a RoR developer, share your knowledge and write that blog post you always wanted to write. It can be a tutorial, guide, hacks, quick learns, performance optimisations or comparison between different web framework.

Write about:

  • Building modern websites,
  • Building online utilities,
  • Building browser-based games,
  • CSS frameworks,
  • UI/UX principles,
  • Laravel frameworks,
  • Building eCommerce apps, or
  • Anything that would help a web developer build better websites in 2022.

Tag: THW Web Apps

Judge: Quincy Larson and Debbie O'Brien

Mobile Apps 📱

Mobile developer? Share your thoughts and learnings with the community this month. Write a guide, tutorial and quick find which will help thousands of beginner mobile developers.

Write about:

  • Building a mobile app that solves a problem using technologies like Flutter, React Native, Swift, Java, Kotlin, and so on
  • Tutorial and guides on mobile app testing
  • Building better mobile versions of different websites/platforms using their APIs
  • Performance,
  • Mobile UI/UX principles,
  • Design frameworks, or
  • Anything that would help become 10X mobile developer in 2022.

Tag: THW Mobile Apps

Judge: Evan Bacon

Cloud Computing ☁️

If you are cloud enthusiasts, this challenge is for you! Talk about best cloud platforms, their developer experience, billing, optimisations or quick finds that will help other developers.

Write about:

  • Leverage serverless platforms like Vercel, Cloudflare Workers, AWS Lambda, etc to solve a specific customer problem
  • Building a tool or managed offering using cloud services that make developers’ life easier
  • Making existing complex cloud services easier
  • Leveraging multiple cloud services and stitching them together to build a project

Tag: THW Cloud Computing

Judge: Hassan El Mghari and Erika Heidi

Web3 🪙

If you are a blockchain developer, we invite you to share your knowledge about the decentralized world.

Write about:

  • Building dApps
  • Tutorials on how to build decentralized versions of popular apps
  • Projects that demonstrate practical use cases of blockchain
  • Analysis of complex blockchain concepts and making them easier for beginners

Tag: THW Web3

Judge: Bruno Skvorc

Criteria 👍

  • The article should be high quality, trustworthy, useful, interesting, and remarkable. It doesn't have to be all of those but some combination of them.
  • It should be considerably different in scope and in detail from other works that are serving the same visitor or user intent.
  • It should create an emotional response. We want to feel awe. We want to feel surprised. We want to feel joy, anticipation, or admiration for that piece of article.
  • It has to solve a problem or answer a question by providing comprehensive, accurate, exceptional information or resources.

Prizes 💸

1x Grand Prize

  • 3000 USD to one writer (from any category)

4x Category Prize

  • 1000 USD to four writers (one from each category)

100x Honorable Mentions

  • 100 USD to 100 writers (from any category)

With a total prize pool of 17,000 USD, this is one of the biggest writeathon on the internet. Don't miss out!

Rules 📜

  1. Write an article on Hashnode before the deadline.
  2. Tag it with one of the following tags:
  3. Share on social media with the Hashtag, #TheHashnodeWriteathon, and mention @hashnode.

Deadlines 🗓


  1. Challenge ends on 15th May, 2022 20th May, 2022.
  2. Winner announcement: 31st May, 2022 17th June, 2022.

🚨 (Updated on 10th June 2022) Delay in winner announcement —
Hey everyone, we're overwhelmed with the response to the Hashnode Writeathon. In just four weeks we have received over 1K+ submissions. We originally underestimated the timeline to review the articles. We're on the final stages and are expecting to announce on or before 17th June 2022. Thank you for your patience and support. 🙏

Supporting the charities 🎗

Hashnode will donate 5,000 USD to four different charities selected by our judges.

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NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT NECESSARY TO PARTICIPATE. By participating in this challenge, you agree to the rules laid out here. Please read them carefully before proceeding.