Say hello to the new Hashnode! 👋

Say hello to the new Hashnode! 👋

A fresh new look and feel. Redesigned from the ground up, Hashnode's new interface is modern, clean, and elegant.

Last week, we shipped a major update to Hashnode: from changes to our UI to a massive performance upgrade. Today, we're excited to formally introduce all these changes to you. Here's what's new:

The new Hashnode experience

Hashnode's new homepage

We redesigned our entire user interface, seeking better usability with a fresher look. The new UI ensures everyone has a great, hassle-free experience. We combined the best aspects from our platform so the experience remains the same on your laptop, phone, and other devices.

1. Introducing Hashnode Circles

Hashnode circles

You can never miss an update from your favorite bloggers as the unread counts appear on the top of the feed.

It shows notifications from the blogs you already follow…

Hashnode circles

…and occasionally the recommend blogs.

Hashnode circles

2. Redesigned feed and cards

Redesigned post/article cards - Hashnode

  • A fresher, more modern look to browse through your feed, featured, and recent articles.

  • Our redesigned article previews now provide all the info you need: reading time, complete blog URL, tags, likes, and comments.

3. Access your stats from the get-go


Check your page views, article stats, and appreciations directly from your homepage. No more having to navigate to your dashboard every time.

4. A faster way to find things

  • Save time, clicks, and keystrokes—we're introducing instant search. Located at the top, access the search bar easily.

  • Results change as you type. No need to press Enter.

5. Better and improved recommendations

Blog recommendation

Trending tags

We worked on improving our recommendation system. Suggested blogs and tags are now completely personalized to you, making it even easier to find the content you care about.

6. Brand new Explore page

Hashnode Explore Page

  • A new and cleaner look at all-things Hashnode. We've made it easier for you to explore the most popular blogs and tags.

  • Explore trending and newly-added tags, as well as trending and new and noteworthy tech blogs.

7. Improved tag pages

Improved tag pages

  • Never miss out on the content you like. Find popular and new articles about the topics you follow, and get a look into the ones you're curious about.
  • Browse through each tag's top contributors and moderators.
  • Instantly contribute and start writing for a topic through its tag page.

8. A sleek new dark mode

Hashnode Dark Mode

Just when you thought that dark mode couldn't get any better—we've gone bluish-black. Hashnode's dark mode is now even darker, easier on your eyes and your devices.

Spotted something worth improving or fixing? We'd love to have your feedback!

We couldn't have done all these improvements if it weren't for you and your constant support. We launched to collect your feedback properly and prioritize fixing any bugs or adding features suggested by users. We're excited to hear from you. 📝