Launching An AI search engine for developers

Launching An AI search engine for developers


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At Hashnode, we have always been passionate about helping developers access quality content. Through our user-friendly blogging platform and integrated developer community, we make it easy for our users to find relevant knowledge. However, with the rise of powerful AI models, we started thinking about how we could leverage AI to empower developers to learn new concepts and find necessary knowledge faster.

After months of hard work, I am thrilled to introduce It's an AI-powered search engine specifically designed for developers. Our primary objective is to help developers in finding the most accurate and up-to-date information with ease and speed.

You can try it out here:

Web Search Mode: Always up to date

Staying true to our promise, we are launching with a "Web Search" mode, which scans the web for the most up-to-date content and tries to answer your question based on it.

In the programming domain, things change rapidly, making knowledge outdated quickly. To address this, we integrated web search with Rix. Now, you can always rely on accurate and up-to-date information when you search. Plus, there's no need to manually search and scan web pages for the right answer anymore. Our AI does the work for you and provides a single accurate answer to your question. The answers are supported by sources to ensure factual correctness. You can also visit the sources for more information. Soon, we will also include relevant source citations alongside each paragraph in the answer to add more confidence.

You can also use site:<website_url> to narrow down search results to a specific website. Our home page provides convenient shortcuts to many popular docs for easy use.

Quick mode

We've created a quick mode for you when speed is crucial. It offers rapid access to the information you need, ensuring efficiency and convenience. While it may not always provide the latest knowledge, it guarantees that you have knowledge at your fingertips when you need it.

Chat with a URL or GitHub Gist

You can paste a URL, like a GitHub Gist, into the search bar to have an interactive conversation with Rix. It's designed to analyze the content of the link, allowing you to explore the subject matter, ask questions, and gain valuable insights in a seamless and engaging dialogue with Rix.

Rix Code Writer: Pair program supercharged

Rix also offers a unique "Code Writer" mode. This AI-driven pair programmer is capable of understanding your requirements and translating them into functional code. It serves as an invaluable resource for developers of all skill levels.

Whether you're a seasoned programmer in need of a collaborative coding partner or a novice seeking guidance and support, the "Code Writer" mode is designed to enhance your coding experience and streamline the development process.

With Code Writer by your side, you can efficiently tackle complex coding challenges, explore new programming concepts, and ultimately bring your creative ideas to life.

Rix meets you where you are

We've designed Rix to bring knowledge to your fingertips. To start, we're launching a Chrome extension that automatically opens Rix in a new tab. In the next few days, Rix will also be available on VS Code, enabling you to communicate with Rix without leaving your code editor.

We are excited about Rix and can't wait for you to try it out. We have many more exciting updates in store for you. Please give it a try at and let us know what you think!