🚀 Meet Hashnode Pro: Powerful features to fuel your best writing

🚀 Meet Hashnode Pro: Powerful features to fuel your best writing

Elevate your tech writing journey with our premium features!

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Hello Hashnode community 👋,

I'm excited to introduce you to Hashnode Pro, our brand new subscription plan packed with exclusive features and benefits. With Hashnode Pro, you’ll have even more tools at your disposal to help you level up your writing experience, grow your professional network, and showcase your expertise in the world of tech.

Why choose Hashnode Pro?

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At Hashnode, we're always working on improving our platform and providing the best experience possible for our users. With Hashnode Pro, we're going the extra mile by offering a suite of premium features that will set you apart as a tech blogger.

Hashnode Pro features

As a Hashnode Pro subscriber, you'll get access to these premium features:

  1. AI-assisted writing: enhance your writing with our cutting-edge AI-powered suggestions and chatbot assistance. With our AI, you can:

    • Create outlines: kick off your next post with a solid blueprint.

    • Summarize your writing: generate a quick TL;DR on demand.

    • Generate code blocks: demonstrate and educate with code, in over 45 programming languages.

    • Polish any sentence or paragraph effortlessly with a range of actions:

      • Rewrite: make your writing crisp and clear.

      • Modify: adjust sentence length to convey your ideas effectively.

      • Tone: switch from casual to professional in a snap.

      • Transform: convert lengthy paragraphs into scannable bullet points.

    • Write with ease, thanks to our AI chatbot:

      • Contextually aware: get help refining any part of your post and ask follow-up questions.

      • Limitless capabilities: research topics, sharpen your writing, and create tweet threads instantly.

      • Get unlimited AI responses.

      • Tailored for non-native English authors.

      • Learn more about all our AI features ⚡️

  2. Focused writing mode: eliminate distractions and stay in the zone with our focused writing mode. Choose from a range of calming background sounds to boost your focus and productivity.

  3. Remove Hashnode branding: customize your blog and make it truly yours by removing Hashnode branding from it.

  4. Exclusive invite to Hashnode's pro-only Discord channel: network with other Pro users and the Hashnode team in our invite-only Discord channel.

  5. Pro badge: stand out across the community with a shiny Pro badge on your Hashnode profile.

  6. Priority access to features: get early access to new features and beta experiments to see what we’re working on, before anyone else.

  7. Priority support: get your questions answered faster with our attentive customer support.

  8. Back up WIP drafts to GitHub (upcoming): never lose your work again by backing up works-in-progress drafts to GitHub.

  9. Publish from GitHub (upcoming): publish your Markdown posts directly from GitHub with ease.

Learn more about all Hashnode Pro features ⚡️


You can access Hashnode Pro for only $7 per month, or opt for an annual subscription at $70 per year, effectively giving you two months free with the yearly plan.

Exclusive launch offer 🤑

To celebrate the launch of Hashnode Pro, we're giving the first 100 subscribers a whopping 50% discount! Use the code FIRST100TOPRO at checkout to snag your deal on your first order.

Our commitment to independent writers ✊

Free Hashnode features for independent writers

We're committed to supporting independent writers, which is why all the essential features of Hashnode will always remain free to use. Our powerful tools are designed to help users build their personal brand and establish a strong online presence, all at no cost.

Existing Hashnode features remain free

We want to assure you that none of the existing Hashnode features have been converted into premium features, with the exception of ‘Source from Github,’ which was predominantly used by teams and companies. However, all existing users of the ‘Source from Github’ feature will continue to enjoy free access to it forever.

Get started with Hashnode Pro

Ready to amp up your tech blogging experience? Head over to features page to subscribe to Hashnode Pro and access all our premium features today!

I can't wait to see how Hashnode Pro propels your growth and success as a tech writer. If you have any questions or need help, our dedicated support team is always here for you.

Thanks for being part of the Hashnode community. Here's to your success as a Hashnode Pro member! 🚀

Fazle, CEO and co-founder, Hashnode