Life at Hashnode Edition: #1

Life at Hashnode Edition: #1

Life at Hashnode is a weekly sneak-peak of literally "Life" at Hashnode.


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Hey! EveryoneπŸ‘‹

You have seen my Hashnode team and me talking to you over the Discord server, Tweets, Hashnode comments, everywhere and anywhere. But to be best buddies, we must tell you about ourselves too. That's how we will become friends who know each other, right? 😁

So, let's do this, you keep sharing your journey through your Hashnode blogs and tweets, and I promise to bring some insider stories of the Hashnode team every week.

How about every Thursday? 😁

Sounds like a plan to me! Let's get started with the last week.

Last week was very festive for the team because we all know...

Shad's birthday was the hottest thing on the Internet, or was it? πŸ˜‰

No matter how old we get, birthdays are always the best time to spend time with our loved ones and acknowledge our gratitude towards the people whose wishes are making our days brighter and easier.


Mohd Shad Mirza doesn't really need an introduction, but those who are hearing out his name for the first time - He is a part-time Software Developer and full-time meme maker at Hashnode. Go to his blog. It will be the best thing you'll see on the Internet today.

And what Shad said with his tweet is something all the team members feel every Monday.

Edidiong has been hitting the gym again πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ


Now you know who is the fit one in the team. πŸ˜‚

Edidiong Asikpo is simply the sweetest colleague I have at Hashnode πŸ’–

If you are a beginner trying to find your way in the tech community, the ONE thing I'll suggest to you will be - Reach out to Edidiong. She will befriend you and help you like an elder sister. πŸ’›

Adventures of Girish

So this is basically something that can't be covered in a section, we would need a separate series to cover it.

Because everyone knows Adventures of Girish Patil are endless.

But here are the highlights ✨

Girish trying to take Hashnode to the TOP! girish.jpeg

Girish on Treks! girish-two.jpeg

Girish doing all the cool stuff possible! girish-three.jpeg

Yeah, we envy him too.

Catalin enjoyed roleplaying as Elon Musk in Standups


After having Elon Musk in our Stand-up, I can surely say

My Stand-up meetings >>>> Yours. πŸ˜‚

Just kidding.

So those who know, they know, but those you don't should know that Catalin Pit is the wittiest person you can be friends with.

And there is nothing better than some early morning wit to recharge your team. 😁

Coding machine aka Vamsi

The majority of our time these days goes into appreciating Vamsi. Believe me, a lot of cool stuff you see on Hashnode these days is by this silent coding machine. 😌




Sandeep enjoying his visits to Bobo

While Fazle is out of town, Sandeep is taking care of our most important founding member.

She is living a hella lavishing life, but wait when wasn't she. πŸ™ˆ




Fazle, aka Boss-man showing us Cute cat videos in the stand-up meetings.


Syed Fazle Rahman is the energy bank of Hashnode who gets fueled by cute cat videos, cat facts and petting his dearest Bobo.

Now you know while interviewing for Hashnode, which is the animal you should talk about. πŸ˜‚

Well me... 😢

For me, the last week was simply a roller coaster ride.

So I was invited to a panel discussion called Finding your first job at the React Day, Bangalore. It was by far one of the biggest things that happened to me. Also, it was my first time speaking at a conference, so I was freaked out as HELL!

But I find myself short of words to express my gratitude towards React Day's organizing team and my team my Hashnode to keep me sane while I was losing my mind with nervousness. πŸ₯Ίβ€οΈ

Here's a happy picture!

Megha-Panel.jpeg I am personally delighted with the way the Panel discussion went. I really enjoyed my time having a conversation with Vishwa, Saurabh, and Kamlesh.

If you wish to watch the panel discussion's recorded video, it's here.

Every Thursday, you can expect to read a Life at Hashnode edition. But you have to tell me what you want to read -

  • Do you want to know how many cups of coffee Catalin takes in one day.
  • Or Bobo's cat living experience with Sandeep
  • More about Edidiong's travel logs.
  • What Fazle likes to do on weekends?
  • What's the most awkward thing Megha shared with the team!

Anything and Everything you want to know about Hashnode Team or Hashnode itself. Comment below. I will try finding out and spinning answers in the next edition.

See ya! πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ˜‰