Launching Discussions: A dedicated space for article comments

Launching Discussions: A dedicated space for article comments

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We see it unfold every day—an insightful article goes live on Hashnode, sparking a flurry of thoughts and inviting readers into a deeper dialogue. Yet, too often, these rich exchanges remain confined, like hidden gems, between the author and an individual commenter. Additionally, the writers who fuel these vital conversations seem to be the unsung heroes, their contributions noted but not adequately showcased.

We realized that there needs to be a better way to surface the top articles with insightful discussions on the platform.

Say hello to “Discussions”

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Discussions, a dedicated space surfacing insightful comments on articles. It's designed to make engaging comments on articles as integral to the Hashnode experience as the articles themselves. Here's how Discussions on Hashnode works:

Discover articles that spark conversations: Discussions surfaces articles that generate the most meaningful comments.

Top Discussions on Hashnode

Engage directly with authors and community members: Jump right into the conversation on the articles. Add your insights, ask questions, and deepen your understanding of the topic.

Comment on Hashnode Discussions

Be recognized for your contributions: We believe that great conversations are driven by insightful community members like you. That's why we're making it easier for your contributions to be recognized. Top commenters will now be visibly highlighted on our homepage.

Top commenters on Hashnode Discussions

Real benefits, real conversations

With Discussions, we're offering more than just a new feature; we're creating a space for meaningful dialogues that benefit both readers and writers.

Benefits for readers:

  • Learn and understand: Sharing your takeaways or asking questions in the article's comments section can deepen your understanding of the topic.

  • Build real relationships: Engaging with authors and the community allows you to form authentic connections, enriching your experience on Hashnode.

Benefits for writers:

  • Be challenged, learn more: Audience engagement can offer new perspectives, challenging you to think differently and learn more about the subject matter.

  • Form a 1:1 relationship with your audience: The discussion section offers a more intimate space for direct interaction with your readers.

  • Increased discoverability: Being featured in top discussions can drive more readers to your articles, enhancing your visibility and following on the platform.

An example of an insightful conversation is the one that's happening on Alex Kates's blog on whether or not to use Typescript, a hot topic in tech circles these days.

Example of a discussion post with comments

So, why just be a passive reader when you can be a part of something more significant? Dive into Discussions and elevate your Hashnode experience to new heights. Your voice has a place here, and it deserves to be heard.

Join the conversation now! 💬

We hope this feature enriches your experience and adds another layer of depth to the incredible community we're building together. Thank you for being a part of Hashnode, and we can't wait to hear your voice in the comments!