Introducing Hashnode's Referral Program - Help us grow and thrive together!

Introducing Hashnode's Referral Program - Help us grow and thrive together!

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Hashnode Headless CMS is a way for developers and large teams to use Hashnode as a Backend while still enjoying Hashnode's hosted publishing workflow. Our Markdown-powered WYSIWYG editor, publishing workflow (scheduling, approving and rejecting articles from team members), analytics and GitHub backup has always been the main attraction of the platform. Now, you can use all these wonderful features while taking full control of your blog frontend via Hashnode Headless CMS.

Hashnode Headless CMS is free to use for individual developers and requires an Enterprise license for teams and enterprises to use in production.

Testimonials from recent customers who switched to Hashnode's Headless CMS:

With this, we're excited to introduce the Hashnode's Referral Program โ€” an initiative that will get you rewarded every time you help an enterprise or a team switch to Hashnode Headless CMS. Putting our proud community to work. ๐Ÿ’ช

So, what is the referral program?

The Hashnode referral program is a unique opportunity to earn while advocating for Hashnode Headless CMS. Pitch Hashnode Headless CMS within your company, among peers, or at conferences and meetings. Each time a company/team signs up for a Hashnode Enterprise license through your referral, you receive $500. It's our way of thanking you for spreading the word about Hashnode's capabilities and growing with our community.

Here's how it works:

  1. Find a team in your network in need of a purpose-built Headless CMS for their blogging. Psst - your current employer might need this as well. ;)

  2. Connect us with a decision-maker at the enterprise via email. Also include relevant contact details and a brief explanation of why you believe Hashnode Headless CMS would be a good fit for them.

  3. As soon as the introduction is done, our team gets on a call with the company and demoes Hashnode Headless CMS.

  4. Once they purchase a Hashnode license, one of our team members reaches out to you for the $500 reward.

The Why!

Hashnode Headless CMS is a purpose-built Headless CMS that empowers large teams and enterprises to build a blog frontend from the ground up using Hashnode's GraphQL APIs while using Hashnode's publishing workflow and dashboard as the backend. Imagine Shopify's Headless CMS, a purpose-built Headless CMS that excels at offering eCommerce backend in the headless mode.

100% control over blog frontend

Hashnode's GraphQL APIs make it easy to build a unique blog frontend using your favorite tools like Next.js, React.js, and TailwindCSS. Your blog will integrate seamlessly with the rest of your site. If you don't want too much integration hassle, fork our ready-to-use blog starter-kit, customise, and deploy to your cloud in under 20 mins.

Inline commenting inside the editor

Highlight text and leave comments making it easier to review articles and share feedback to teammates. This feature is exclusive to the Enterprise plan.

Real-time collaborative editing

Write faster together with Hashnode's new real-time collaborative editing where more than two people can write and edit articles together. This feature is also exclusive to the Enterprise plan.

Other Enterprise features include:

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

  • Custom SLA

  • AI-assisted writing for team members

  • SSO

  • Audit logs

  • Priority support over email

  • Dedicated support over Slack

Hashnode Headless in action ๐Ÿ‘‡

Here are some companies using Hashnode's Headless CMS in production:

  1. MindsDB Blog

  2. Fern Blog


  4. Fix's Blog

  5. Hypermode's blog

  6. Outerbase's Blog


Headover to Hashnode's referral page, read the instructions and start referring.

Thank you again for supporting Hashnode. For any doubts make sure to read the FAQ section and for any additional questions, join the community on Discord.