Dev Retro 2022 Winners 🎊

Dev Retro 2022 Winners 🎊

Announcing the 40 winners of #devretro2022

We are super excited to announce the winners of the #DevRetro2022 campaign. We read more than 390 stories from authors who shared their insights and lessons learned in 2022, as well as their aspirations and dreams for 2023. πŸ’«

Selection criteria πŸ‘©β€βš–οΈ

After reading so many unique stories it was extremely hard to pick the winners.

We previously mentioned: "Prizes will be awarded to the top participants, as determined by the popularity of their blog posts. Popularity will be determined based on the total views, likes, and conversations on a post" (source). We'd like to add one more criterion and this is the quality of the article. By quality, we're referring to a writer's ability to highlight their personality, and to present a valuable takeaway to the community. Popularity β‰  Quality.

All the entries were individually judged and spam content was excluded.

Based on these criteria, we narrowed it down to 40 winners. Thank you to everyone who participated and shared your journeys with the community!

At the end of this article, you'll notice 25 more authors: those people didn't win this time around, but their stories are worth a read too.

Top 10 participants

Participants in this category won πŸ’Έ $500 and a Hashnode coffee mug.

  1. A Story, who comes out of her Comfort Zone-DevRetro 2022 by Iqra Firdose

  2. My Journey as a Computer Scientist in 2022 - Dev Retro 2022 by Alberto Gonzalez

  3. DevRetro 2022 -Little Tech Journey Of Mine by Malavi Pande

  4. Dev Retro 2022 - From MLOps IC to DevRel & The Year That Community Won by Mikiko Bazeley

  5. Dev Retro 2022 - Beginning of my professional career by Tawaliou

  6. How the eight-month Asuu strike aided me in achieving my tech goals for 2022 by Dahud Yusuf Ishola

  7. My Journey Through 2022: From Surviving to Thriving by Timonwa Akintokun

  8. A Burned-Out Developer to Indie-Hacker Dev Retro 2022 by Bhavani Ravi

  9. 2022 The Year I Got Into Tech by Chukwuechezonam❀

  10. Dev Retro 2022 - My Year In Review by Matt Smith

1st 10 runners up

Participants in this category won β˜•οΈ a Hashnode mug.

  1. My 2022? Reflections (Dev Retro 2022) by Fatuma Abdullahi

  2. One Year Journey as a Software Developer by Hrithwik Bharadwaj

  3. Dev Retro 2022: A year of Transformation by Zainab Daodu

  4. DevRetro2022: From Calls To Code by Mfon Thelma Nta

  5. A year of learning and sharing - Dev Retro 2022 by Alexandre Nedelec

  6. Dev Retro 2022 β€” The Year of Firsts by Kaushal Joshi

  7. The Bottom line by Vaishali rawat

  8. Advancing in My Career as a Developer - Dev Retro 2022 by Alex Buaiscia

  9. From Dusk Till Dawn: A Year of Personal Evolution - Dev Retro 2022 by David Lorenz

  10. My 2022 Wrapped - Dev Retro 2022 by Toyibat Adele

2nd 20 runners up

Participants in this category won πŸ‘•a Hashnode T-shirt.

  1. Dev Retro 2022: A Walk through 2022 - by Ananya Gupta

  2. Dev Retro 2022 by Ceci

  3. Dev Retro 2022 by Rohan Sengupta

  4. Dev Retro 2022 From being Depressed To 10K Community by Hanii

  5. Dev Retro 2022 β€” a tech retrospective by Victor Miti

  6. πŸš€ Dev Retro 2022 as full-stack web developer by LΓ©o-Paul MARTIN

  7. This year's journey with Dev Retro 2022 by Chhakuli Zingare

  8. 2022: Year in Review by Ruphaa Ganesh

  9. 2022: A Year of Self-Reflection and Growth✨ by Aditi Polkam

  10. Dev Retro 2022 :- Wrap up the year 2022 .... ! looking forward to 2023 by Sangam Biradar

  11. Dev Retro 2022: Growth Track by atinuke oluwabamikemi kayode

  12. Dev Retro 2022; The Journey by Bolarinwa Comfort Ajayi

  13. Dev Retro 2022 - My Journey to Self-Reinvention by Yusuf Olanrewaju

  14. My 2022 Year in Review - Dev Retro 2022 by Teslim

  15. 2022 Retrospective by Mfonobong Umondia (Bella)

  16. Dev Retro 2022: Tech enlightenment by Joseph Taiwo

  17. Dev Retro 2022: Journey in review by Dhanush N

  18. Self Realizations and Change of Perspectives: Dev Retro 2022 by Rushikesh Kumbhar

  19. Persevering Through Trials and Tribulations as a Developer: Dev Retro 2022 by Jayesh Karli

  20. Code, Conquer, and Create - My Journey as a Developer: Dev Retro 2022 by Utsav bhattarai

Noteworthy authors and stories 🎊

Although these authors didn't win, their articles need to be shared! The list below includes stories from describing coding projects to successful promotion and from lessons learned to motivational speeches!

  1. Dev Retro 2022: The Power of FOMO and Dealing with the Ever-Fast-Paced World of Software by ISAAC NDUBUISI

  2. I went from $0 to $1000 in 2022, but... by Abdulramon Jemil

  3. Counting technical blessings of 2022 - Dev Retro 2022 by Swati Sarangi

  4. Kirk M. (@saricden)'s 17th Year as a Coder (Dev Retro 2022) by Kirk Morris

  5. Dev Retro 2022 : Learning Frontend from 0 with Pregnancy onboard by Poonam Soni

  6. A Look Back at a Year of Growth and Learning - Dev Retro 2022 by Ephraim Atta-Duncan

  7. Dev Retro 2022 - The Circle is Complete by Chris Douris

  8. Looking back on this year - Dev Retro 2022 by Juan F Gonzalez

  9. Looking back to year 2022 - DevRetro by Aashish Panthi

  10. DevRetro 2022: My Year In Review by Franklin Ohaegbulam

  11. 2022: An Unconvincing Vision Of The Future - Dev Retro 2022 by Esosa otu

  12. Dev Retro 2022: What made me a better developer this year? by Tapas Adhikary

  13. Dev Retro 2022 β€” My Journey to Becoming a Full-Stuck Developer in 2022 by Halim Shams

  14. Wearing Many Hats as a Developer by Roberto Ruiz

  15. Dev Retro 2022: The Highs and Lows of a Year to Remember by Olubisi Idris Ayinde

  16. What a year - Dev Retro 2022 by Sergii Kirianov

  17. Behind the scenes: Dev edition - Dev Retro 2022 by Joseph Tsegen

  18. Dev Retro 2022: My Journey into Tech. by Vanessa Ndikom

  19. 2022 Wrapped As A Web Development Beginner | Dev Retro 2022 by Abin John

  20. Dev Retro 2022: Reviewing 2 Years of Professional Open Source Development Experience by Grant Willcox

  21. Dev Retro 2022: My first year as a developer & how it has changed my life as a shy, anxious introvert by Kristen (CuddleofDeath)

  22. My Developer Journey: Dev Retro 2022 by Alex Bourlotos

  23. Eman's Journey - Dev Retro 2022 by Emmanuel Daniel

  24. A Turning Point In My Life - 2022 | #DevRetro2022 by Hasnain Thara

  25. Dev Retro 2022: My Year as a Developer in a Nutshell by Anant Vijay

How to claim your prizes πŸ†

All the winners and runners-up will receive an email (to the primary email address on Hashnode) with instructions to claim the prize from the Hashnode team in the next few days.

We'd like to thank all of you for your participation and we wish you an amazing 2023. Congratulations to all winners and participants. Stay tuned for our upcoming hackathons, contests and challenges!

Thank you again for making #DevRetro2022 a success.

Love πŸ’™

Team Hashnode