AI Pair programming with Rix's Code Writer mode: Supercharge your development process!

Utilize Rix, Hashnode's AI Search Engine, for increased developer productivity.


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AI Pair programming with Rix's Code Writer mode: Supercharge your development process!

Rix is a new AI search companion designed for developers by the Hashnode team. Since its public beta launch in August, developers have been adopting it for various use cases.

Unlike ChatGPT and other AI chatbots, Rix finds the most relevant and accurate information from the web to answer developers' queries. It prioritizes official documentation and blog posts over random web links. This ensures that the answers Rix provides are always up-to-date and helpful.

Rix has three modes - Web Search, Quick Mode and Code Writer mode. In this article, I am going to write about Code Writer mode and why it's one of the most favorite mode for Rix users.

The AI Pair Programmer

If you use Rix's Code Writer mode, it functions as an AI pair programmer. You can ask Rix to generate complete code on any topic and technology. Rix not only produces the code output but also explains how the code works. This is incredibly helpful if you are a beginner and have been struggling with specific topics.

Once the code is provided by Rix, you can ask follow-up questions to further enhance or modify the code based on your needs. You can do this an unlimited number of times until you obtain the code that makes the most sense to you.

How can an AI pair programmer help you?

Since its launch, developers have been discovering various intriguing applications for Rix's Code Writer mode. Let's explore some of these use cases:

1. Quick prototyping

Rapid prototyping frequently involves producing code swiftly to test theories and models. Rix's Code Writer mode can help by generating prototypes according to your specifications, saving you time and enabling you to concentrate more on design, logic, and validation.

Example 1: Chat app backend

Imagine you're building a chat application and need to quickly create a socket-based backend. You can ask Rix's Code Writer to generate the socket logic, including user authentication and message broadcasting.

Example 2: D3.js chats for Data Visualization Dashboard

If you're building a data visualization tool, Code Writer can quickly generate D3.js or Chart.js code snippets to visualize different types of data based on user requirements.

Example 3: Creating cart functionality for e-Commerce website

If you're building an e-commerce website, Code Writer can quickly prototype the shopping cart functionality, including adding items to the cart, calculating the total price, and managing checkout.

2. Automating repetitive tasks

Code Writer can identify patterns and help automate repetitive tasks, like generating CRUD operations for a database model or creating RESTful API endpoints. Just instruct what you need, and Code Writer will generate the code for you.

Example 1: Batch file renaming

Let's say you have to rename hundreds of files in a directory. Code Writer can generate a Python or Bash script to automatically rename files based on a given pattern.

Example 2: Scripts for Database Migrations

Code Writer can automate the generation of SQL or NoSQL database migration scripts, making it easier to manage schema changes.

Example 3: Form Validation

If you often find yourself writing form validation logic, Code Writer can generate client-side or server-side validation scripts based on the form fields and validation rules you specify.

3. Code Review and Refactoring

While reviewing and refactoring code, you might often find yourself making similar changes over multiple files. Code Writer can help here by ensuring consistency and saving you valuable time.

Example 1: Optimizing Loops

If you have nested loops that need optimization, Code Writer can suggest a more efficient algorithm or data structure to speed up the process.

Example 2: Replacing Deprecated Functions

If you have legacy code using deprecated libraries or functions, Code Writer can automatically replace them with updated methods.

Example 3: Code Simplification

For complex conditional statements or nested callbacks, Code Writer can suggest more readable and simpler alternatives like using ternary operators or async/await.

4. Learning New Languages and Libraries

If you're looking to expand your skill set, Code Writer can be an invaluable resource. You can enter code snippets in a language you are familiar with and ask Rix to translate them into a new language or implement them using a different library or framework.

Example 1: Python to Go

If you have a Python script and want to learn how to achieve the same functionality in Go, Code Writer can generate the equivalent Go code for you.

Example 2: React to Angular

Trying to translate a React component into Angular? Code Writer can help you understand the syntactical and conceptual translations between the two.

Example 3: Node.js to Django:

If you have a Node.js backend and are interested in how the same could be implemented in Django, Code Writer can provide a Pythonic version for you.

5. Debugging and Error Fixing

For those hard-to-find bugs, Rix’s Code Writer can help identify common code smells and suggest fixes. Given a faulty function or method, Code Writer can suggest a corrected version, simplifying your debugging process.

Example 1: Fixing Memory Leaks

If your application has memory leaks, Code Writer can suggest the best practices for memory management in your language of choice.

Example 2: Handling exceptions

If you're not correctly handling exceptions, Code Writer can generate try-catch blocks or equivalent error-handling mechanisms in your code.

Example 3: Optimizing database queries

Code Writer can suggest optimized SQL queries or ORM methods to improve database performance.

How to get started with Rix's Code Writer?

  1. Go to the official Rix website: or (a handy redirect URL).

  2. Type your question in the search bar. Hit Shift + Enter to write multiple lines queries.

  3. Switch the search mode to "Code Writer" from the dropdown menu beside the search bar.

  4. Hit enter.

Using Rix Chrome Extension

You can also use Rix's Chrome Extension to search directly from your browser's URL bar.

  1. Download and install the Rix chrome extension from Webstore.

  2. Click on Rix icon and set the default mode to "Code Writer" mode:

  3. Type "Rix" followed by a space or tab key and enter your question.

  4. Hit enter.


While Rix is designed to assist developers in their coding journey, it's crucial to remember that this tool is currently in its public beta phase. As with any code you might find online or generate through automated means, the output from Rix should be rigorously tested and validated before being implemented in a production environment.

Hashnode aims to make Rix a reliable companion for developers, but it's essential to exercise due diligence. Hashnode cannot be held responsible for any issues or losses that may arise from using Rix's generated code or answers. Your codebase is complex and unique, and while Rix strives for accuracy and utility, it's not a substitute for human expertise and caution yet.

So go ahead and make the most of what Rix has to offer, but do so with the understanding that it's a tool to aid you, not a replacement for solid coding practices and thorough code review.

We're looking forward to making Rix better through your feedback. Share your experience on Twitter and our Discord.

Happy coding! 💪

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