8 Features on Hashnode You Didn't Know About

Due to a high increase in the number of new Hashnoders joining us every day, I decided to highlight a few features and share some updates you might not be aware of.

Here's a short list of features you should check out after joining Hashnode.

Light/Dark Theme Switch

If you’re a fan of dark themes, you can change yours in one click on the “Theme switcher” icon on the top bar. Here’s how it looks:


Feature Updates

There's a lot going on underneath the hood of Hashnode every day, so make sure to stay up to date with all of our feature updates. All the major ones are announced on our changelog. To see a short summary simply click on the following button in the top right corner.


Private Messaging System

You can discuss programming-related things and work opportunities with other community members in private. Our integrated messaging system enables you to truly connect with others, make friends, and find side-project collaborators with ease.

To use it, go to the profile of a Hashnoder you'd like to message, and click on "Message" button below their profile picture.



To add a story to a series on Hashnode, click on the more options icon (⋮) below your story, and select "Add to a series".

To find out more about this feature, go through our instructions post.

Browser Extensions

With these extensions, you can stay up to speed with what's happening in the dev community without opening Hashnode every time. You can download Chrome and Firefox addons from our extensions page.

CLI Tool

This feature was built because of all the terminal lovers on Hashnode. With this CLI, you can stay up to speed with what's happening in the dev community without opening Hashnode every time.

To find out how to get it, visit our CLI page.

Markdown Everywhere

You can use your favorite syntax for all forms of writing on Hashnode. Bonus - you can mention other Hashnoders in your posts. ✍

Invite Others to Answer Your Question

Is there a Hashnoder who could answer your question, but there's a chance they might have missed it? Invite them to answer your question directly.

Invite others to answer

What are your favourite features on Hashnode? Let me know which ones we should write about next 😉