Winners of May Coffee Giveaway!

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Hey everyone!

Last month we ran the 3rd edition of our coffee giveaway where we announced that we would support top 50 Hashnode authors with 10 coffee each, and next 50 authors with 1 coffee each.

So, the top 50 authors who receive 10 coffee from us are:

And the following bloggers will receive 1 coffee each:

We have enabled Hashnode Sponsors for the winners, and are going to use it to process payments. If it's not available in your country, we'll send the funds through Buy Me A Coffee. We have sent an email with further instructions. Note that if you have already set up Hashnode Sponsors, you don't need to respond to our email - we'll directly support!

Congrats everyone! Keep sharing your knowledge - you all are amazing 👏 .

Hardeep Jethwani's photo

Congratulations to all the geeks !!! Thank you, Sandeep Panda and to the Hashnode team :)

Pragati Verma's photo

Thank you for acknowledging my work Hashnode Team. Always inspiring us to write more and better!! 😄

Congratulations to all the fellow authors 🎉

Shlok Dungrani's photo

I am very happy today! Can't belive. Luckiest day of my life!!

Thank you Hashnode team.

Neha Soni's photo

This is amazing😍😍😍😍😍. This is really the luckiest day of my life!! Finally, my name is in the Top 50 authors who receive 10 coffee. Thank you Sandeep Panda Hashnode team

Congratulations to everyone ❤️❤️

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Suprabha Supi's photo

Congrats to you as well 😍 Ayodele Samuel Adebayo

Neha Soni's photo

Ayodele Samuel Adebayo congratulations to u as well😇😍

Ayushi Rawat's photo

Thank you for acknowledging my work Sandeep Panda and hashnode team. 😄

Congratulations to all the winners 🎉

Mr.Unity Buddy's photo

Thanks a lot Hashnode! Keep this up!


Yogesh Chavan's photo

Wow 😍 Thank you Sandeep Panda Hashnode. Congratulations to all the winners 🎉

Alberto Beiz's photo

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuüùuuuuúuuuuuuuûuuuuūuuuuúuuuüuuuuùuuuuuUuuuuuuuvuuuuuuVuuuuuuuuu Sandeep Panda Hashnode

Leonardo Maia Pugliese's photo

That's amazing! Thanks Hashnode!

Miguel R. Ávila's photo

I can't believe this! Thank you so much!

Anirudh Panda's photo

Thankyou Sandeep Panda Hashnode Onwards and upwards!!

Andrew Baisden's photo

Congrats all! Thanks Sandeep Panda the Hashnode community continues to grow and is a very influential platform.

Bhumi Khokhani's photo

I can't believe this! Thank you so much Hashnode! 😄💖

Rajat Gupta's photo

Thank you, Hashnode!😄Congratulations to all the winners.

Tracy Nuwagaba's photo

Thanks Hashnode 🤗 and congratulations to all the winners 🥳🥳🥳

Ayodele Samuel Adebayo's photo

congratulations dear

Tracy Nuwagaba's photo

Thanks Ayodele Samuel Adebayo and congratulations too

Olubisi Idris Ayinde's photo

Wow, this is amazing. Thank you Sandeep Pandaand the team

Savio Martin's photo

Thank you Hashnode, for the treat! Glad to be in the list!

Sumanth S's photo

Thank you, Hashnode! 😍 Congratulations to all the winners👏.

Spyros Argalias's photo

Wow, thanks very much <3.

Yash Waghmare's photo

Thanks a lot! Sandeep Panda Amazing platform for an amazing community. Congrats to all 🤟!!!

Piyush Sinha's photo

Thanks for supporting the writers ❤️. One more reason to blogging consistently.

Vinit Shahdeo's photo

Thanks Sandeep! Congrats to the fellow winners:)

Kamil Gierach-Pacanek's photo

🌟 That is so wonderful! You are the best, the Hashnode community!

Mayank Pathak's photo

"Congrats everyone ! You all are Rocking🤘🤘"

Ayodele Samuel Adebayo's photo

wow, thanks a lot Sandeep Panda and the entire Hashnode team, I made it to the top 50 this time 💃.

congratulations to everyone 🤗🤗.

Victoria Lo's photo

Thank you so much! It's such an honour to receive the coffee! And congrats to everyone! You all deserve it for your hard work 🎉🎉

Victor Ikechukwu's photo

Thank you so much! It's such an honour to receive the coffee! And congrats to everyone! 🎉🎉

GirlThatLovesToCode's photo

Wow, second month in a row :o

Congrats everybody!

Nishant Gour's photo

Thank You so much, Hashnode. Keep up this work.

Umesh Chaudhary's photo

Thanks a lot ! Motivated to write more :)

Yash Tiwari's photo

I already feel accomplished. Thanks, Hashnode! :)

Rakesh Jain's photo

Thank you #hashnode

Suprabha Supi's photo

Wohh Thankyou Sandeep Panda . This is really amazing 😍

Jarrod Watts's photo

Thank you again Sandeep Panda and Hashnode! Congrats to all the writers :)

Insha Ramin's photo

Thank you @hashnode. It's my first Hashnode coffee wooo hooo. ❤️🎉

Iva Kop's photo

Wow! Thanks so much, Sandeep Panda

And congrats, everyone!

David Herbert's photo

Thanks to Sandeep Panda and the Hashnode community for the mention. I don't think I've done enough to be on this amazing list, but I'm humbled to have made it.🥳 Congrats to everyone.🎉

Braydon Coyer's photo

Congrats, everyone!

Geeky Chakri's photo

Woohoo ! Thank you so much Hashnode 😍 Congratulations to all 🎉

Yuvaraj's photo

Hashnode is the first platform where I've started blogging.

Thank you, Hashnode Team.

It motivates me to write more!

Deepansh Bhargava's photo

Thanks Sandeep Panda and Hashnode Team.

Ritobrata Ghosh's photo

I am thinking if there's a similar initiative for the month of June.

Will this initiative be repeated for the month of June?

Kamil Gierach-Pacanek's photo

I think this is happening each month, doesn't it? I'm a second month on board, and it is happened twice so far.

Ritobrata Ghosh's photo

There isn't any announcement this month. Kamil Gierach-Pacanek

Perhaps @sandeep could clarify this.

Piyush Garg's photo

Thanks a lot for mentioning me 🥰. A big thankyou Sandeep Panda sir.

Anastasia's photo

Thank you! Is there any chance to get the reward by wire transfer? PayPal and Stripe are not supported in my country. I still haven't received the May coffee and didn't get any reply from Edidiong :(

Anastasia's photo

I also haven't received the Ambassador T-Shirt yet, but it's been more than a month :(

A K Singh Rajpoot's photo

Anastasia 🙄&& Same happened with me also 😃