Winners of Buy Me A Coffee March Giveaway!

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Hey folks!

Last month we ran an interesting giveaway where we announced that we would support top 50 Hashnode authors with 10 coffee each. The awesome folks at Buy Me A Coffee also joined us, and offered to buy next 50 authors 1 coffee each.

As always, we saw so many interesting blog posts in March, and I personally learned a lot from the writers. Today we are going to do our bit, and buy them coffee ☕️ as promised.

Top 50 authors who receive 10 coffee from us are:

Buy Me A Coffee is going to support the following 50 authors with 1 coffee each.

Congrats everyone! Keep writing great content - you all are awesome 👏 .

You will need a Buy Me A Coffee account to receive the gift. Please go ahead, and sign up. You will receive an email from our team on Monday with instructions on how to claim the reward.

Adrian Bece's photo

Friday just got even better! This is awesome, thank you very much, Hashnode team!

Congrats to the other winners!

Apoorv Tyagi's photo

Wow🥳. Thank you so much!!! 🎉

You guys made my day!😃

And congratulations to everyone.

Ayushi Rawat's photo

Honoured to be in top 50 writers on hashnode 🎖️🙌🏻 Thank you so much @hashnode and @buymeacoffee ❤️💯

Congratulations to all the writers 🎉

Shantun Parmar's photo

you are awesome , I have visited everywhere of your handles , All are good with relevant information thanks for posting

Ayushi Rawat's photo

Thank you so much 😀 Shantun Parmar

Code Oz's photo

Thank you! I was not expecting this!

It's bring a lot of motivation!

Savio Martin's photo

Wow! This is super amazing! So grateful to be among with these amazing bloggers! Congrats to everyone! Enjoy your coffee ☕️

Yogesh Chavan's photo

Wow 🕺🏻. It's really a great start of the weekend for me. Thank you so much Hashnode Team for including me on the winner list.

Congratulations to all the winners 🎉🎉

Kieran Roberts's photo

I didn't think I'd be in a position like this with all of these awesome content creators after starting my blogging adventure last month!

Big thanks to the Hashnode team for making this a great platform to be a part of and congratulations to all winners 🎉🎉🎉.

Eleftheria Batsou's photo

Thank you so much! This is incredible!!!

Kushal Pagolu's photo

Cheers for the Coffee 👍🏻

Great Initiative. Thank you 🙏🏻

Sonu Jung's photo

I am honored to see my name on the Townhall blog. I love your product and the team, Hashnode!

BTW, don’t you have a plan to provide an integration of Buy Me a Coffee? I’m just curious.

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Sonu Jung's photo

Sandeep Panda Thanks, Sandeep! I will keep continuing to let Korean users know about your excellent product!

Sandeep Panda's photo

Sonu Jung Thanks, that’s very kind of you. 🙏

Andrew Baisden's photo

Wow thats truly amazing! This week keeps getting better and better! Accolades from hashnode and DEV 🙏

Thanks and great work everyone!

Braydon Coyer's photo

Wow! Huge congrats to the other winners! Thanks, Hashnode!

Alimam Miya's photo

Thank you so much Sandeep Panda for including me on the winner list.

I am really appreciated

Thanks again! & Congrats to all winners <3

Prateek Aher's photo

Congratulations to all ☕ winners.

Suresh Kumar's photo

Wow, thats sweet 🥳. Thank you so much!!! and congratulations to all winners :) cool initiative

Tracy Nuwagaba's photo

Wow, I am surprised am on the list. Thank you Hashnode and congratulations to other winners 🎊

Benoît Bouré's photo

Congrats to all the winners!

Rahul Banerjee's photo

Thanks! This is so cool! Congrats to the other winners! Keep on producing amazing content 🔥

Victoria Lo's photo

Wow thanks for the wonderful present Hashnode! Congrats to everyone 🎉🎉!

Andrei Zgirvaci's photo

Yay!!! 🎉🎉🎉 Thank you for the support @hashnode. Congratulations to all the writers who were mentioned! And for ones who weren't, keep going, you are doing great! 😉

Hemant Joshi's photo

Congratulations every one,

Thanks a lot to hashnode Team, awesome work for the community

Sai Ashish Konchada's photo

Coffee for the soul ☕ Couldn't ask for more! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity and many many congratulations to all my fellow blogger friends who put in their everything to provide value to the community 💯

Catalin Pit's photo

Nice! Thank you! 💚

Tech With RJ's photo

Congratulations to the winners!!! Love what the Hashnode Team is doing to motivate us to write more. 😆 An amazing gesture from "Buy Me a Coffee" too!

Rakesh Jain's photo

Thanks Hashnode team for the coffee. It's a pleasure writing on your platform.

Really appreciate it.

Congrats to all the other winners out here.

Sam Walpole's photo

Awesome! Thank you so much Sandeep Panda

Anita Ihuman  's photo

Thank you Hashnode Community.

Hrithwik Bharadwaj's photo

Time for some Filter Coffee ☕. Shoutout to my readers and thanks team hashnode for coming up with this incentive for the creators

CodeReviewIo's photo

Appreciable! Thank you

Alyssa Holland's photo

Wow, what a pleasant surprise! Thank you to the Hashnode team!!

Orangemn6's photo

Awesome! Very surprised I even made it onto this list!

Chris Bongers's photo

Wow this is amazing! Thank you Hashnode!! ☕️

Victor Ikechukwu's photo

Thank you! I was not expecting this!

It's bring a lot of motivation! You guys made my day!😃

Gautham Krishna's photo

wow thanks a lot.

Rakesh Jain's photo

Just curious if anybody got the instructions on how to claim the reward or I am missing something here .. Lol.

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Adrian Bece's photo

Check your spam folder, that's where mine ended up for some reason.

Bello's photo

Thanks Hashnode but Sandeep Panda nothing yet. No email, including the spam folder.

James Cook's photo

Thanks Hashnode Team for the recognition and supplying a great platform and service.

Sonu Jung's photo

Sandeep Panda

Thanks, Sandeep! But, didn't you say you give us 10 coffees each? I’ve got less than that. Actually, I’m okay with it but wanna know if there is a reason.

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Sandeep Panda's photo

Rakesh Jain, Sonu Jung As mentioned in the post, we assume each coffee costs $3 USD. Hence, it's capped at $30 per person.

Sonu Jung's photo

Sandeep Panda

Aha! I found it. I haven’t seen the post before.

Now, I get it. Thanks!

Ana Beatriz Neri's photo

Thank you so much Hashnode team ❤️