What's new at Hashnode this month — October 2022

What's new at Hashnode this month — October 2022

Exciting improvements for Hashnode on web & mobile

Hi everyone 👋

Let me start by introducing myself, I'm Alek, Senior Product Manager here at Hashnode. This is my first, of many, articles to come in the near future.

This new series will be dedicated to highlighting the best features, and changes we've shipped over the last month. With this being the first article, we have also included a few other features we want everyone to know about from the last few months - just incase you missed it.

Without further ado, lets get into it!

Product update: Snippets of what we've been working on 🎉

We're here to update you on Hashnode's latest and greatest improvements! Let's get started.

Revision History ⏱

Image 2 -Oct 22.png

One of the most frequently requested among Hashnode writers

You can view the revision history to see what was changed, when the last revision was made, compare two revisions, and revert to a previous revision if necessary.

Image 3 - Oct 22.png

Direct readers to a specific section of an article

We now allow you to copy the permalink of any heading within any Hashnode article.

Hover over any heading to see the link icon 🔗. Click on the link icon to copy the URL of that section, it's that easy!

Mobile App Improvements ✨

Image 4 - Oct 22.png

Fresh design & dark mode

Hashnode’s mobile app has a completely new look and feel and a major performance improvement. It’s easier and more user-friendly than ever.

We have made the UI more clean and consistent. You're going to love the new experience.

Dark mode has been the most requested feature by the Hashnode Community, and it's finally here! 🌓

Change Of Author For Team Blogs ✍️

Image 5(b) - Oct 22.png

Publish on behalf of the author or change authors

In team blogs you can now publish on behalf of an author or change the author of an article, as requested by the community.

Previously, owners and editors didn’t have this option, as a result, some authors were posting under other authors’ names.

👀 Something big is coming

HN editor.gif

Here's a sneak peek of something BIG that's coming your way 🔥

The whole team has been hard at work on something new and exciting that you will be able to experience soon... our new Markdown based WYSIWYG Editor ✍️

It is currently in private beta, we are doing final changes and testing. We can't wait for everyone to try it out, it's going to take your writing experience on Hashnode to the next level 🚀

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements and start using it from day one!

And that's it! 🚀

We would love to hear what you think! Will you be using the new features? What else would you love to see in Hashnode?

Don't hesitate to leave your feedback.