Top 6 Comments on Hashnode This Week

Hey Hashnoders,

Every week there are a lot of questions and discussions on Hashnode. The comments are pure gold and in some cases as insightful as a blog post itself. 🧐

Today, I'm going to share some of the best comments we received this week.

Q: Flutter Vs React Native

"There are some subtle architectural differences between Flutter and React Native.

Flutter compiles down to native code, so it's much more akin to a game engine like Unreal or Unity where you ship everything with the app. This shows in its performance..." by Ryan Edge.

Q: What is your opinion on IBM acquiring Red Hat?

"I'm not sure yet, but it looks like it's going to be fine.

I was initially a bit worried back when Microsoft acquired GitHub, but they've actually been doing some great things with it.

From that article, it actually seems like Red Hat is actually going to affect IBM more than IBM affecting Red Hat." by Caleb H..

Q: Is WebAssembly for Web developers?

"Yes. WebAssembly is for web devs. Is it an alternative for JS, though? Yes and no.

First of all, WASM is mostly useful for web apps. It allows writing very fast code, based on some guarantees WASM has and the structure it is delivered in. That's why it is ideal for compute-code, something JS is rather bad at..." by Marco Alka.

Q: Is JavaScript a Interpreted language ?

"Languages aren't compiled or interpreted, an implementation is. And a language can have many implementations, occasionally mixing compiled, interpreted and jit. JS at least has interpeter and JIT compiler implementations." by Mark.

Q: Given a choice, would you choose an iterative approach or a recursive one?

"To add more about

Avoid heap memory allocation

It also helps to know your language/compiler: if it supports tail call optimization, then you can do recursive call and avoid the memory footprint you would usually get from many recursive calls." by Sébastien Portebois.

Q: How would I completely remove a PWA?

"Hey Steven,

In-case you couldn't figure out the solution for your issue..

IMO, quickest hack would be to unlink manifest.json from your index.html file...." by Vishwa Bhat

What are some of your favorite discussions and comments on Hashnode?