Top 4 Tags You Should Follow on Hashnode This Week

Top 4 Tags You Should Follow on Hashnode This Week


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Hey there Hashnoders ๐Ÿ‘‹

A lot of new members don't know that Hashnode has a lot more tags than what we feature on our tags page. We only showcase the most followed ones and this week I'll suggest to you a few ones you should start following.

General Advice

If you aren't following General Advice tag, you've been missing out. If you have any questions related to your work, such as "What should I do when my boss asks for my GitHub password", "How to ask for a raise?", or "What is this GDPR everyone is talking about, and why should I care?" this is the right tag to follow.


Flutter Community is growing as fast as the language itself. For all of you who wonder what's the next hot language for building cross platform and native apps, you should definitely check out what Flutter crew has been doing.

Visual Studio Code

VS code has become one of the most used code editors during the past year. Make sure to follow this tag to keep up with all the hacks and changes to it, and learn which add-ons people have been using with it.


For keeping up with fun developer-related stories and discussions, you should follow Devlife tag and use it to tag your posts. This is the perfect tag if you're looking for book suggestions, asking what type of music people like to listen to while coding, and less business oriented advice.

That's it for this week. Please let me know if you found this list helpful, and I'll be coming back next week with a new one! ๐Ÿš€