Top 10 Devblogs to Follow on Hashnode This Week

Top 10 Devblogs to Follow on Hashnode This Week

Hey Hashnoders,

Since we started working on our blogging platform for devs - Devblog, thousands of developers created their blogs. In this article, I'm going to mention a few of my favorite and very active devblogs you should start following too.

Greenroots Blog by Tapas Adhikary

If you're getting started with JavaScript and Flutter, you need to start following Tapas Adhikary! He's writing super educational posts and has built a really large following during the past few months.

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Eray Erdin's Programming Blog

If you're into Python, Django, and TDD, make sure not to miss out on any of the posts written by Eray Erdin! He's also starting out with Rust, so you can find more posts about it too.

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Bolaji Ayodeji's Blog

Bolaji Ayodeji is one of the youngest devs on the platform who regularly shares his WebDev knowledge. If you're just starting out as a developer, make sure to follow his blog! P.S. He recently started out working for us, you can read more of his stories on our Townhall publication too 😉

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Joseph S Stevens's Blog

Joseph S Stevens has 10 years of experience developing software and shares it regularly on his blog. You'll find a lot of practical tips and philosophical musings in his writing, so make sure to stay subscribed.

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Chilimatic by J

j is one of the oldest members of the Hashnode crew. He's blogging about his experience with Rust and I recommend you to follow his blog and the rest of his activity on Hashnode for insightful comments and information about Rust, Python, PHP and plethora of other languages and tools.

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Generalist's Journal by Raven Douglas

Raven Douglas belongs to the generation Z on Hashnode and works as a designer & Community Manager. He's committed to blogging about ethics, business, design, team management, startups, chatbots... Make sure not to miss out on any of his in-depth posts!

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Gyen Abubakar's Blog

Gyen Abubakar is an aspiring full-stack developer, currently mastering front-end. If you're just starting out and want to sharpen your CSS skills, this is the blog you need to follow.

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Ola John's Blog

Ola John is a self-taught Javascript developer and he's interested in OSS. I'm sure that you'll find his JavaScript and React posts super useful 😃

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ArtOfCode. by Joseph Aje

Joseph Aje is an engineer from Lagos, Nigeria who loves sharing his knowledge on web development with others. Make sure to follow him if you're interested in front-end, JavaScript and React.

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Ryan Edge's Blog

Ryan Edge is a developer who is passionate about building applications and a fanboy of all things JavaScript, Dart, and Flutter. He even made a cool Hashnode app with Flutter with out GraphQL API. Don't miss out on other fun posts he wrote!

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That would be all for this week, you can expect me to suggest more devblogs in the coming ones! Who are your favorite devbloggers, and who should I mention next?