Announcing the Winners of Open Source October's Grants πŸ’° and Badges 🎟

Announcing the Winners of Open Source October's Grants πŸ’° and Badges 🎟

Find out who won grants for their favorite open source projects, and who earned badges for their contributions to the community.

October has been an amazing success for the #opensource community!

At Hashnode we celebrated it in style with our Symposium and Twitter Spaces. Writers won grants for their favorite #opensource projects, as well as exclusive badges, available only for the month of October! All they had to do was to write at least one article and tag it with #opensource between the 1st and the 31st of October. You can find more details about it here.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated! Your thoughts, ideas and tips have reached more people than you might realize. 😊

And now, drumroll, please... πŸ₯ time to announce the winners!


πŸ† OSS Project Winners

The top 5 #opensource writers with the greatest total number of reactions in October have won a 1,000 USD sponsorship, to be paid out to the OSS project of their choice!

  1. Ayodele Samuel Adebayo with What, Who, When and Where of Open Source Contribution
  2. Tapas Adhikary with Introducing WebAPIs Playground - An app to play and learn Web APIs
  3. Benny Ifeanyi Iheagwara with How to Contribute to Open Source Projects as a Non-Coder?
  4. Avneesh Agarwal with Finding the Right Open Source Projects to Contribute to
  5. Chris Bongers with 8 Non-technical ways to contribute to open-source

🎁 Badges Winners

OSS First Timer

OSC Badge Designs_OSS_First Timer_IG.png

  1. Diky Hadna πŸ‘Ύ
  2. Anurag Yadav
  3. Taryn McMillan
  5. Wisnu Adi Nurcahyo
  6. Suresh Kumar
  7. Nahuel Garbezza
  8. Anish De
  9. Marcelo ZΓ‘rate
  10. Asmit Malakannawar
  11. Salim Oyinlola
  12. Michael Larocca
  13. Juan SebastiΓ‘n Mendoza
  14. Maaz Ahmed

OSS Documentarian

OSC Badge Designs_OSS_Documentarian_IG.png

  1. Eugene Goh
  2. C K Vignesh
  3. Ayu Adiati

OSS Cheerleader

OSC Badge Designs_OSS_Cheerleader_IG.png

  1. Diky Hadna πŸ‘Ύ
  2. Pragati Verma
  3. Vihar Kurama
  4. Datagod
  5. typogram team
  6. Chandrika Deb
  7. Tafadzwa Demba
  8. drishti peshwani
  9. Geeky Chakri
  11. Soumendra kumar sahoo
  12. Karthikeyan
  13. Ekomobong Edem Gold
  14. Gaurav Gupta
  15. Kevine Nzapdi
  16. B.Jothin kumar
  17. Rizel Scarlett
  18. Saharsh Laud
  19. Pixel Vision 8
  20. Jesse Freeman
  21. Alex Araiza
  22. Rohit Purkait
  23. Suresh Kumar
  24. Salim Oyinlola
  25. Avneesh Agarwal
  26. Anish De
  27. Ayodele Samuel Adebayo
  28. Tapas Adhikary
  29. Joe Carpinelli

OSS Brain Buster

OSC Badge Designs_OSS_Brainbuster_IG.png

  1. Priyansh Patidar
  2. Diky Hadna πŸ‘Ύ
  3. Michael Larocca

OSS Mentor

OSC Badge Designs_OSS_Mentor_IG.png

  1. Afoma Orji
  2. Kylee Codes
  3. atinuke oluwabamikemi kayode
  4. Ayodele Samuel Adebayo
  5. Kaushal Joshi
  6. Hulya Karakaya
  7. Avneesh Agarwal
  8. Tapas Adhikary
  9. Taryn McMillan
  10. lary mak
  11. Alabo Excel
  12. Murewa Ashiru
  13. Crislana Rafael
  14. Chris Bongers
  15. Dewan Ahmed
  17. Michael Larocca
  18. Yashasvi Singh
  19. Ayu Adiati
  20. Rohit Purkait
  21. Marvin Kweyu
  22. Kaushal Joshi
  23. Dev Valecha
  24. Amarachi Emmanuela Azubuike
  25. Rishit Dagli
  26. Ruphaa Ganesh
  27. Estee Tey
  28. Tolu Adegboyega
  29. Sarthak Delori
  30. Yuri Lee
  31. Benny Ifeanyi Iheagwara
  32. Lakshya Thakur
  33. Francesco Perticarari
  34. Paul Di Gian
  35. Souvik Raj Singh
  36. Mr. Γ…nand
  37. Yuri
  38. Maaz Ahmed
  39. Michael Asiedu
  40. Nehal Sharma

OSS Scholar

OSC Badge Designs_OSS_Symposium_IG.png

  2. Alexandra Mormontoy
  3. Krish Gupta

How to Claim Your Prize:

OSS Project Winners 🎟

You will receive an email with instructions to claim the prize from the Hashnode team in the next few days.

Badges Winners πŸ’°

Badges will be automatically assigned to your blog.

What Comes Next

Thank you again for participating and spreading awareness about #opensource and its importance. Just because October has ended doesn't mean you should stop contributing!

Are you expecting an OSS badge, but don't see your name on the list above? Don't worry, send an email to Eleftheria (that's me!) with your article and the badge you're aiming for. πŸ“

Just as October was all about the Open Source community on Hashnode, in November we're shining a light on our Web3 creators. Come join the conversation on the #web3 tag!

Which developer communities would you like to see us highlight in December and beyond? Comment below with your favorite community hashtag! πŸ‘‡