Life at Hashnode Edition: #4

Life at Hashnode Edition: #4

Life at Hashnode is a weekly sneak-peak of literally "Life" at Hashnode.


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Hey there! πŸ‘‹πŸ»

So it's been a month since I have started writing this series. What started as a fun experiment is now the most frequent subject I get DMs about. And yeah, it really amuses me to know that you all wait for new editions of Life at Hashnode every week. πŸ₯Ί

If anyone of you reading an edition of Life at Hashnode for the first time. Then a little backstory - Life at Hashnode is an article series that I write every week to share some insider stories of Hashnode. ✨

You can read all the past editions.

What this week looked like?

This week is FUN! (short answer).

We got really amazing response for the Bootcamp.

And to be honest, this week's sessions by Colby, Sultan, and Annie blew our minds too. All of us are eagerly waiting for Samson's session that will be happening today.

Huge props to Edidiong Asikpo and Catalin Pit for conducting all the sessions so flawlessly! πŸ„πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

We are working on some super exciting features

The whole Hashnode dev team had been busy this week working on some amazing features that we are shipping out starting next week. The goal is to support dev creators on the platform and also enhance the overall user experience with Hashnode.

More details about it will be out soon.

Also, it was Sandeep Panda's birthday yesterday!


Drop wishes for him in the comments after you are done reading this whole article! 😌

πŸ“Œ Sandeep Panda reminder for you to charge your laptop and send us your birthday treat.

Annnnnd, this week Victoria Lo came for the Happy Hours session 🍺 , and it was a blast πŸ”₯

Those who don't know - Hashnode Happy Hours is Hashnode's new initiative. We talk to the Hashnode community every Thursday about things around Tech, Careers, Blogging, and simply ANYTHING and EVERYTHING the community is interested in talking about over beverages and Snacks.

Our main aim behind doing these sessions is to understand our community better and chill with them.

If you want to chip in upcoming sessions, you can join Hashnode's Discord channel -

We do these every Thursday.

Coming back to the theme of this edition - Side Projects and Hobbies.

For this edition, I thought of sharing with you'll the Side Projects and Hobbies of all the Hashnode team members.

Starting off with Catalin Pit

Well, he owns a Quad bike. πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

I personally don't know a cooler hobby than this. πŸ₯²

And as for side projects, he runs his Youtube Channel, where he creates and shares programming tutorials, mostly about Web Development and JavaScript. Occasionally, he covers other topics as well!

Sandeep and his Jawa bike

Sandeep loves to travel over the weekends.

And hiring for Hashnode is his side project. πŸ˜‚


Well, answering what side projects and hobbies I am involved with is always tough for me.

It's like I have this Metaphorical stove in my head. Where I always keep 4-5 burners ON. Some projects are boiling, some are on simmer, and some have their burner switched off so that they can settle.

(I have no idea how much these lines made sense to you. πŸ˜‚)

If it did, you can google the term Multipotentialite and read more about it. In a nutshell, it's someone having multiple creative pursuits.

But yeah, I tried to pick my top 3 side projects and hobbies that I am most involved with these days.

  • I help in running a Product community called The Product Folks.
  • I learn to make animation movies and Games using Unreal Engine over the weekends. This is the biggest project I have pulled off so far in itπŸ‘‡πŸ»

  • And I PAINT! I learned how to paint before I learned to write. So this is my longest-lived hobby.

Megha Paintings.jpg

Meme Mirza's Hobbies and Side projects

Mohd Shad Mirza shares some common hobbies as mine, like his love for Art and Literature.

He sketches really well. ✨



You can check out more of his Instagram page.

Also, he loves to Skate and Read. πŸ“š

He also has a mentorship program as a side project named TheNextBigWriter.

Edidiong Asikpo loves πŸ—ΊοΈβœˆοΈπŸ§³

Edidiong, like every rich person, loves to travel and fine dine. πŸ˜‚




Also, she loves watching movies 🍿 and hitting the gym.

Vamsi Rao's planokay

As a side project, Vamsi is working on Planokay, a collection of mini side projects he has worked on with his friend. And in parallel, he writes about Indie Hacking and random observations on

Hobbies: Watching TV Series, Playing tennis, listening to podcasts

Girish Patil's hobbies aka Adventures of Girish.

  • Girish, of course, loves Travelling.


  • He used to sketch a lot, now he tries to paint too.
  • And he loves to πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ

Eleftheria Batsou's hobbies and side projects both revolve around Content Creation

She runs her Instagram page named elef_in_tech and posts value bombs there consistently.

And her YouTube channel is SUPER awesome too.

Syed Fazle Rahman reads πŸ“š

So Fazle, hobbies revolve around reading candidates for hiring and reading books.

He's currently reading Rework by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried and recommends everyone to read it.


He tries to relax and get some sleep in his leisure hours (working across so many different time zones is not that easy πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈ).

Woh! this took time to write.

But yeah, it was fun.

See you all next week! πŸ‘‹πŸ»

Meanwhile, let me know for sure what you wish to read next under this series.