Life at Hashnode #8: How We're Scaling Up Our Engineering Team

Life at Hashnode #8: How We're Scaling Up Our Engineering Team

Hashnode developer Megha Pathak discusses the process of scaling a high-performance engineering team with Hashnode's CTO & co-founder, Sandeep Panda

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Megha Pathak

Published on Sep 9, 2021

1 min read

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Hey fellas! 👋🏻

Join Sandeep Panda and me as we discuss different aspects of scaling a high-performance engineering team—along with some new updates about Hashnode! 🤩

Learn more about:

  • The vision behind Hashnode and our engineering team
  • What Sandeep looks for when interviewing engineers
  • Reasons why some candidates don't make the cut (and also, how to avoid such mistakes)
  • What we look for after onboarding a new engineer
  • How Sandeep ensures that people are getting the right mentorship
  • How the engineering team is structured right now—and how that may change as we grow
  • Why engineers are excited to join the Hashnode team

Thank you so much for watching the video. 😁

By the way—there are two more super amazing people who joined the Hashnode team recently:

Gaurang 🎉 image.png and Rob Wapano 🎊 image.png

You will hear much more about these two in upcoming editions of Life at Hashnode.

Till then, stay tuned for more exciting Hashnode updates coming your way! 👋🏻

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