Introducing the new distraction-free Hashnode markdown editor! 📝

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Helping developers write better articles has always been Hashnode's top priority. In the last few weeks, we have shipped many features to help our authors write rich articles. Latex support, instant article stats, article slug/URL editing, etc. are some of the recent changes made to the editor.

Today we are taking a bolder step and making the editor pleasing to the eyes. Say hello 👋 to the new distraction-free Hashnode markdown editor ✍️.

New Hashnode Markdown Editor

#1. Hiding unwanted and optional components

Hiding unwanted and optional components

As the first step, we removed the left navbar from the editor screen. The menus served no purpose to the author when they are writing an article.

We have also hidden the right sidebar article settings and make it collapsible. To access it in the new editor, click on the "Settings" button on the top. It will also pop-up automatically when you are ready to publish the article.

#2. Better draft sharing controls

Better draft sharing controls

We have improved the way you share article draft with your friends. The "Share draft" option will appear instantly as soon as the draft is auto-saved. Now you can copy the draft URL from the editor page itself.

Anyone with the URL can access an article draft. So, be very careful with whom you share.

#3. Better sync indicator

Better sync indicator

Your article draft is saved automatically as you type. You can always look at the new sync indicator to check the status of the draft.

#4. Draft settings

All your article settings like tags, article destination, cover photos, etc. have been moved to the collapsible sidebar. Click on the settings to make modifications before publishing the article.

Draft Settings

As always, we are committed to making your Hashnode experience 10x better with every update. We hope you like the new editor and publish excellent articles for the community to read and learn. We look forward to your feedback, join our Discord Server or Tweet to us.

Tapas Adhikary's photo

Syed Fazle Rahman, Thank you very much for removing the left panel.. It used to distract me most! This is a welcome change!

Syed Fazle Rahman's photo

I am glad you liked the change, Tapas Adhikary.

Yogesh Chavan's photo

Superb. It's looking amazing now.❤️

Nimrod Kramer's photo

That's such a great new user experience. Huge improvement in my opinion!

Maxi Contieri's photo

I wrote a very popular article a month ago .

The article had suggestions on using zenware.

Now the Hashnode editor is zenware!!


Tijan Ayomide's photo

On my way to check out the new update 🤤🤤

Victoria Lo's photo

Awesome! I'm on my way home to start writing and trying out this new editor 🤩🤩

Favourite Jome's photo

I love the update

Seema Saharan's photo

It's awesome! Thank you.

Umair Hafeez's photo

This is so good. Loved it while composing my article last night.

Thank you Team Hashnode for making this platform better every day 🙂

Nikita's photo

Awesome! Thanks!