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Hey everyone!

I am super excited to introduce Audio Blogs on Hashnode. Last week I came across this guide, which explains how to set up an audio version of your articles. We loved the concept, and got really excited. Although it's a great idea, it requires our authors to do quite a bit of work. We asked ourselves, can we make it simpler? Can Hashnode support audio blogs automatically?

After that, I had a chat with our dev team. Everyone in our team was excited and wanted to ship this fast! We discussed a little bit and figured out that this can actually be built within a week. We went ahead, and started our research. Finally, we decided that we can use two AWS services to build this.

  • Amazon Polly to generate audio
  • Amazon S3 to store the audio files

So, we worked on it and built the solution within a week. Shout out to Vamsi, one of our amazing engineers, who did most of the work 🙌. We beta tested with some of our team members, worked on improving the audio, and optimized it further. Finally, it's ready for you to try out.

Why We Built This

We all love to read, but as developers we are always busy! It's often difficult to find time to read. Around 30% of content on Hashnode is about general programming, culture and life around programming. So, converting text into audio makes sense. You can have hundreds of tabs open, and still be able to listen to your favorite content on Hashnode. You can listen to the interesting articles from amazing Hashnode writers, while you cook, run errands, or go for a walk. By doing this, you can definitely save more time everyday, and dedicate that to something else.

How To Enable

This feature is experimental, but you can unlock it for your blog today, if you are a Hashnode Ambassador. Just visit the "Advanced" tab of your blog dashboard and enable Audio Blog. We'll start converting all your existing articles into audio format, and show an audio player on your articles. All your future articles will also be converted to audio automatically.

Screenshot 2021-02-23 at 12.53.49 PM.png

We have restricted it to only Ambassadors, because we want to understand the usage and cost first, before rolling it out to everyone. This will also allow us to improve, and optimize the offering before general availability.

As always, I would love to know what you think in the comments below. We are aiming to release it for everyone in the next couple of weeks. Before that, it'll be really helpful to get some early feedback, so that we can improve further. 🙌

Sai Ashish Konchada's photo

This is super cool! I saw this exact thing implemented on Mark Manson's website and since then I was hooked to the idea of having audio snippets for my articles. I was actually looking for a widget or an integration that would help me achieve this, and today you guys made it happen. Thank you 🎊💯

Ana Vela's photo

I noticed that on Mark Manson's site as well and really loved that convenience. So glad Hashnode is adding this feature. :)

Kennedy Mwangi's photo

I have listened all through as I prepared a meal. This is awesome!!

Sandeep Panda's photo

Amazing! That was the idea. :)

Savio Martin's photo

Super cool, So excited. Surely try this 🗣🔊

Stefan Natter's photo

That is 🔥! I need to activate that asap. You guys are fantastic!

Misbah Huda's photo

this is going to be a great feature, I always thought I could save time from reading blogs on hash node , but now I cam listen to them! Can't wait for it to be enabled for everyone

Kritika Singhal's photo

What an amazing feature. After reading this, I straight forward tried it and in few minutes the feature was enabled.

Tracy Nuwagaba's photo

Awesome feature, can't wait to listen to my blogs any time any where. Excited about the flexibility this feature will offer

Gourav Khunger's photo

wow, this feature is super awesome and I am loving it!! Thanks for the super work you guys do. I am impressed by the hashnode community and the dedication of the team as well. Big thanks to hashnode 🙌

Prathima Kadari's photo

I highly applaud this idea of audio blogs. I can't wait to try this out once I get my access to ambassador ring. Excited about it. Sandeep Panda 🙌

Murewa Ashiru's photo

Just activated this on my blog. Super cool!

Rushikesh Chaudhari's photo

This is just amazing!

Lloyd Miller's photo

Is this the place for feedback? If so, great job! Just one minor thing and that is it doesn't read dotfiles properly. You will hear a pause followed by the word. So .gitignore and .env sound kinda weird when read.

Deactivated User's photo

Very good intiative. Thanks to hash code team to make it work. I'm eager to check it out. I definitely love the idea of listening to articles. Thank you.

Alimam Miya's photo

How to add Audio Blogs features to my personal blog? Sandeep Panda

Sai Kishore Komanduri's photo

This is absolutely amazing. "Celebratory hands in the air" 🙌😄

Iris Diakoumi's photo

Celebratory hands in the air!!! 🙌🏼