How to run a team publication on Hashnode

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Team (shared) publication lets multiple authors publish articles under one blog. It's currently in beta and available for a select few. If you have access, here's how you can start a team publication.

Create a new blog

Please visit your publication settings and create a new team publication. Just enter your publication name and hit "Create".

Map a custom domain

By default, your team publication lives on a randomly generated subdomain of You can map a custom domain for free to personalize it. To do that visit your blog dashboard and click on the domain tab. Just enter your domain name and hit update.

Add Members

Once you create a team publication, you become a super admin. You can add new members to your publication and assign one the following two roles to them:

  • Admin: Similar to super admin, but they can't remove other admins. But they can access the dashboard and directly publish articles on the publication.
  • Contributor: They can submit articles to your publication for approval. One of the admins can then approve and publish the articles.

You can visit your blog Dashboard -> Members, and add new members by entering their Hashnode username:

Submitting Articles

Once a new member is added to your publication, they will be able to select the publication while publishing their articles:

Approving Articles

To approve incoming drafts, you can visit blog Dashboard -> Submissions.

From there you can perform the following actions:

  • View draft and leave comments on it
  • Click "Edit & Publish" to make changes and publish the post
  • Reject a draft

Team Publications are still in beta and may have some rough edges. Feel free to try it out and help us improve before releasing 🚀 it to the public.