Hashnode now supports AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)⚡

Speed is everything and Google loves websites that are fast! As a part of our ongoing efforts to improve speed and UX of Hashnode, we added AMP support. As a result, our story and discussion pages will load instantly from Google search results.

Here is an example:

Hashnode AMP

AMP pages load 4 times faster and consume 8 times less data than traditional web pages. Although Google doesn't rank pages higher (yet) just because of AMP support, it definitely boosts the speed, performance and overall UX for end users. So, if you come across Hashnode in Google search results, you might find the AMP icon beside Hashnode links and be able to load the articles pretty much instantly 🙌.

Do you use AMP on your websites? I would love to know your thoughts on this!

Note: We are aware of the limitations and drawbacks of AMP. It's just an experiment. If it doesn't work out well, we may remove it.

More details about AMP project: ampproject.org