Hashnode Bootcamp III - Summary, session recordings, tasks, and certificates!

Hashnode Bootcamp III - Summary, session recordings, tasks, and certificates!


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We are super thrilled with the success of Hashnode Bootcamp III. It's one of the most successful ones so far. Over 600 attendees streamed the event online!

Hashnode Bootcamp III was themed around building an effective personal brand. We had 6 sessions with 6 amazing speakers.

  • Ali Spittel, Senior Developer Advocate at AWSAmplify
  • Annie, Front-end Developer, Multidisciplinary Designer
  • Colby Fayock, Developer Advocate at Applitools
  • Sam Julien, Developer Relations Manager at Auth0
  • Samson Goddy, Open source advocate, Sugar Labs projects
  • Sultan, Developer Advocate at Grantfortheweb

Hashnode Bootcamp III Speakers line-up

Session Recordings

#1 The Counterintuitive Secret to Shipping Better Articles Faster

by Sam Julien on 5th April 2021

#2 Developer blogging and online presence

by Ali Spittel on 7th April, 2021

#3 Stand out by building a personal brand

by Colby Fayock on 9th April, 2021

#4 Several revenue models for software engineers

by Sultan on 12th April, 2021

#5 Building an effective developer portfolio

by Annie on 14th April, 2021

#6 Growing with Open Source

by Samson Goddy on 16th April, 2021


Every Bootcamp session ends with a task. These tasks help you share your learnings from the session with the dev community. Completing at least 4 tasks will earn you a Hashnode Bootcamp III certificate πŸŽ“.

Hashnode Bootcamp Certificate Demo

In case, you haven't completed the tasks yet, you can start today and complete them before Sunday, 25th April, 2021.

Session 1: Sam Julien

Write 1 TIL format blog post on Hashnode to test out your own content system from drafting all the way to promoting.

Session 2: Ali Spittel

To get started with developer blogging, write an article on your Hashnode blog. Talk about the tech stack of your current project or your experience with the programming language/framework you recently learned. Tag it with #HashnodeBootcamp

Session 3: Colby Fayock

Do you have a personal portfolio or are you planning to build one? Write down an article sharing your thoughts or plans about your personal portfolio. Or how you are planning to upgrade it after listening to today’s talk?

Session 4: Sultan

Write down your plans for your blog in the form of an article on your Hashnode blog. What are the top 5 reasons for you to blog? If monetization is one of them, how soon do you want to make money from your blog?

Session 5: Annie

Create an "About Me" page or article on your Hashnode blog. Write 1-3 paragraphs about yourself. Find a great profile pic that you can use. And, include one of your favorite projects.

Session 6: Samson Goddy

Write about an open-source project that has helped you grow as a developer? Or talk about an open-source project that you recently created.


The last date to complete tasks is: 25th April, 2021

Hashnode Bootcamp III Certificates will be sent on: 26th April, 2021

We hope you enjoyed Hashnode Bootcamp III. We look forward to meeting you again in the next one!

Cheers 🍻