Hashnode App Public Beta Is Now Live!

Hashnode App Public Beta Is Now Live!

Be one of the 1000 beta users. Learn about our new features, share your feedback and see your ideas being implemented! 🀝

We are happy to announce that Hashnode apps (Android and iOS) are open for public beta users. We have 1000 spots, hurry up!

Who can be a public beta user

A public beta user can be anyone with a mobile phone and an internet connection! You don't need any special knowledge, or to devote much time! You can use our apps as you'd normally do... (and in fact, you'll have some extra powers πŸ’ͺ, we'll talk about that in a bit!)

Why you should be a beta user

There are many reasons you will enjoy being a beta user, but here we have laid down the most important ones:

  • You'll be the first one to know about our new features! And hey, since you are here let's have a sneak peak in the upcoming features:
    1. New profile screen
    2. Offline support
    3. Improved home feed
    4. Enable audio blogs
  • You'll be able to share your feedback and the team will prioritize your findings, evaluate them, and possibly implement your ideas
  • You'll be able to find bugs too! We do strive to create the perfect app, but bugs are part of this process too. And actually, the more bugs you can find the better app we can create!

Where can you share your feedback

As a beta user, you can provide feedback on the store as well as on discord. We pay close attention to these 2 platforms, hence, we'd encourage you to make the most out of them. Feel free to upload photos/videos of the bugs or your ideas, and leave details such as your phone model, steps to recreate the bugs, etc.

We have received great feedback on the release, and we are glad that you all are loving it, but we want to improve it even more and make it your own place to read and write!

We have fixed most of the known bugs and have already shipped a lot of improvements.

We now ask for your help! Be a beta test user, check the app before everyone else and see your feedback being implemented.

Recently added features

  • Fresh design: We have made the UI much more clean and consistent. You're going to love the new experience.

  • Dark mode: It has been the most requested feature by the Hashnode Community, and it's finally here!

  • New sidebar: We updated the sidebar design to provide a better experience, especially with the addition of the dark mode.

  • New blog home screen: The blog header will smoothly scroll out to give you more space to explore the article.

  • Faster article screen: We rebuilt the whole article page from the ground up to deliver a native experience.

  • Table of contents: We also added the table of contents. It’s visible at the top of the article, and you can access it with just one click. You can now easily navigate to any part of the article.

  • Reaction bottom sheet: We have a new reaction bottom sheet for adding reactions. It's just a click away, so feel free to shower love on your fellow bloggers without hassle!

You can read more about the latest mobile updates here.

How to become a beta tester

Share your feedback and see your ideas being implemented by Hashnode's engineering team! 🀝

Be one of the 1000 beta users for the Hashnode Android or iOS mobile app!

Excited to join? Here's how:

For iOS users: 🍏

  • Follow this link
  • Keep in mind it has to be installed via TestFlight

For Android users: πŸ€–

  • Follow this link
  • Press on "Join the beta" at the bottom of Hashnode's app page

We hope you're as excited as we are and help us create the best possible writing and reading, bug-free, experience!