And the Winners of #DebuggingFeb Writeathon Are... 🏆

And the Winners of #DebuggingFeb Writeathon Are... 🏆

Let's celebrate the best debugging articles and discover who won the iPads, keyboards, and mouse!

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the #debuggingFeb writeathon, a contest designed to encourage developers to write about their experiences with debugging and share their insights with the community. We received a fantastic range of entries, more than 230 articles, from developers around the world, covering a wide range of topics and offering unique perspectives on the art of debugging.

Overview of the writeathon

The #debuggingFeb writeathon was a huge success, with high-quality entries submitted between February 13 and March 12, 2023. Entries covered a wide range of topics, from tips and tricks for effective debugging to in-depth explorations of specific tools and techniques, to personal anecdotes about memorable debugging experiences.

Our judges (Hashnode editorial and community team) were impressed by the overall quality of the submissions and had a difficult time narrowing down the winners! 👩‍⚖️

Winners and prizes

After much deliberation, we are pleased to announce the winners of the #debuggingFeb writeathon.

Grand prize winners 💻

Participants in this category won an Apple iPad 10th generation, worth $449.00.

  1. A Tale of Debugging: The Competitive Programmer Approach by Alberto Gonzalez

  2. How debugging for accessibility helped me finally understand useRef by Julia Undeutsch

Runners up ⌨️

Participants in this category won a Logitech multi-device wireless keyboard.

  1. Mystery of the Date String by Avi

  2. The Future of Debugging with AI and Machine Learning by Omar Moustafa

  3. The Art of IT Debugging & Troubleshooting: a Cheesy approach by Marwane Chahoud

  4. My First Outage: The Bad of Storing Logs in Database by Didik Tri Susanto

  5. Debugging - An Adventurous Journey? or a Horrendous Headache? by Sabarish Rajamohan

Third prize winners 🖱️

Participants in this category won a Logitech MX master 2S wireless mouse.

  1. Debugging CSS with Chrome DevTools by Arunima Chaudhuri

  2. My Debugging Adventure: Fixing Bugs In SpaceFeed by Ishant Chauhan

  3. Debugging the worst-case scenario: it's not your fault; & Windows-devs matter! by Birnadin Erick

  4. Debugging in ThreeJs: Getting started with 3D UI Tweaking Techniques by Egi Mata

  5. How I solved my code issues while building a blockchain Donation App with a token I created? by Amara Chinecherem Metu

Noteworthy authors and stories ✍️

We would also like to acknowledge the following entries for their outstanding contributions to the writeathon:

  1. Debugging in iOS development by Irem Karaoglu

  2. Debugging for Remote Teams by Ákos Kőműves

  3. Debugging Techniques for Flutter Apps by Justice Nwogu

  4. Debugging Dilemmas: A Comedic Journey Through the Code by Chioma Uche-Nwosu

  5. I had a dream, but bugs were in the way by Victoria Lo

  6. Debugging JavaScript Like a Pro: Tools and Techniques for Finding and Fixing Bugs by Ayesha Sahar

  7. Debugging the Brain🧠: Battling the Burnout with Error Messages🛑 your body is trying to give by Abhilipsa Sahoo

  8. How Not to Debug: Spend Less Time Debugging by Sadra Yahyapour

  9. Internal Server Error: An Azure App Service tale by Kristof Riebbels

  10. Code Warriors Unite: Conquering Bugs at the Offline Hackathon by Utsav bhattarai

While these entries didn't quite make the cut for our top prizes, they were still exceptional and we want to give the authors a shoutout for their excellent work.

How to claim your prizes 🏆

All the winners and runners-up will receive an email (to their primary email address registered on Hashnode) with instructions to claim the prize from the Hashnode team in the next few days.

We want to thank all of the participants in the #DebuggingFeb writeathon for their fantastic contributions. The range and quality of entries we received were truly impressive, and we are thrilled to see the community come together to share their insights and experiences around debugging.

We hope that this writeathon has helped to inspire and educate developers around the world, and we look forward to hosting more events like this in the future. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from Hashnode!

Love 💙

Team Hashnode