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Hey everyone!

10 months back, we launched Hashnode with a vision to help developers own their content, and build personal brand. We have grown fast since then, and it's all because of the awesome creators on Hashnode.

It has been a fantastic journey so far, and we're grateful for all the love and support we have received from you all. In the spirit of appreciating the creators, we are doing something fun today.

Developer love β˜•οΈ, right? So, as a token of appreciation, we are going to buy top 50 creators on Hashnode 10 coffee each, at the end of the month. So, if you write at least 1 article in March and climb the leaderboard, we'll buy you 10 coffee through BuyMeACoffee platform ($3 per coffee).

Also, Buy Me A Coffee is going to support next 50 writers with one coffee each!

What to write

You can write about pretty much anything!

  • tutorial,
  • guide,
  • TIL, or
  • anything related to software development, programming or tech in general.

You can even republish your existing articles from other platforms to Hashnode.

Once you publish, feel free to share it on social media, and invite your friends to read, and give feedback. As always, we'll tweet the best content from our social media handle, and place them in our weekly newsletter for maximizing the reach.

At the end of the month (31st March 23:59 PT), the top 50 writers with the maximum views on their content will win 10 coffee each from the Hashnode team.

Depending on the community feedback, we can even make it a ritual, and do this every month to support the top writers.

How to Claim

We'll process the reward via Buy Me a Coffee. If you are in top 50, you will receive an email from us with further instructions on how to claim.

Lastly, I would like to thank each and every creator on Hashnode. πŸ™Œ A big shout out to you all for choosing content ownership, and freedom!

UPDATE: Buy Me A Coffee just announced that they are going to support next 50 writers with one coffee each! So, top 50 writers get 10 coffee each from Hashnode. Next 50 authors receive one coffee each from Buy Me A Coffee.

Savio Martin's photo

Really great initiative Hashnode team, I'm pretty sure this will support the amazing writers who are working hard to help others.

Shoutouts to the Hashnode team πŸ‘πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Keep up the amazing work writers πŸš€

Andrei Zgirvaci's photo

Wow, that's an amazing way to support content creators and encourage us writers to write even more cool stuff. Thank you for doing this! πŸ™

Mr.Unity Buddy's photo

Wow! Thank you very much! But where can we see the Leaderboard.? (I'm Fairly new)

Chris Bongers's photo

Wow-what a cool gesture! Is it based on the general leaderboards, or do we have to specifically tag these articles?

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Sandeep Panda's photo

Chris Bongers Yes, we are going to expand it to 50!

Apoorv Tyagi's photo

Is it just one article or "atleast" one?πŸ€” Sandeep Panda

Martin Thampi's photo

Thanks for this, I'll try to be one of them ✌

Rahul's photo

Sad me, didn't posted anything in 20 days and will continue after 20th. Let's see. Thank you Sandeep.

Saumya Ranjan Nayak's photo

Great !

Mahir Molai's photo


Xavier's photo

Great work team

Jason Williams's photo

This is a great initiative!

Palash Mondal's photo

This is really a great initiative. Thank you so much!