4articles4weeks Writeathon - The Winners πŸŽ‰

4articles4weeks Writeathon - The Winners πŸŽ‰

Yes, we have the winners! Let's celebrate with the authors and learn something new from their articles.

It's time to announce the winners of the #articles4weeks Writeathon hosted from August 15 to September 12. πŸŽ‰

We're blown away by the large number of participants and the consistency in writing for four weeks. We received more than 1.7K articles and we had to pick 15 winners, which β€” as you can probably assume β€” was pretty difficult. πŸ˜”

But, wait a second, since we had so many amazing articles we decided to award 10 more authors with Hashnode swag!

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With this writeathon the goal was to help you be more consistent and also provide you some ideas to write about. Everyone is different and has a unique skillset, but at the same time we know our Hashnode community is full of amazing authors ready to pick whatever challenge we throw them into! πŸ’™

The rules were the same as in every Hashnode writeathon! We don't check the author's popularity or the reactions to an article, but we deeply consider articles' quality. It is also crucial that the author has used the appropriate tags as this is how we track who's in.

Reminder of what the writeathon looked like

It was divided into 4 weeks, and in each week the author had to pick a topic from the list below and publish an article tagging it with #4articles4weeks and #week1, #week2, #week3 and #week4 correspondingly. πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Week 1

  • What made you want to be a developer/software engineer, etc?
  • Lessons learned from a failed interview?
  • How did you get your first job as a developer/software engineer, and what advice would you give to new developers/software engineers, etc to get their first job? How can you strengthen your portfolio to showcase your skill set?

Week 2

  • Which company or start-up inspires you the most and why?
  • What have been the most helpful online tools to self-improve as a developer/software engineer (from bootcamps to university degrees)?
  • When you are stuck as a developer/software engineer, what do you do? Which online communities are most helpful for problem-solving? Please share examples.

Week 3

  • I want to build [....] because [....]
  • Meet my latest project, I built [...] using [...], and I learned [...]
  • [...] technology would be most revolutionary for solving [...] social problem

Week 4

Free topic! Write about something you usually blog about, or if you are a new technical writer, write about something you find interesting. Don't you have any ideas? Feel free to pick one of the above topics you didn't cover in the previous weeks!

Winners πŸ†

And now it's time to reveal the winners! Originally, we had 2 categories, the top 5 winners would receive 1000 USD each, and the 10 runners-up would receive 500 USD each. Now, we added 10 more noteworthy authors that will receive free hashnode swag!


In no particular order, we present you the winners:

Top 5

  1. by Abdulramon Jemil

  2. by Julia Undeutsch

  3. by Andrew James Okpainmo

  4. by Victoria Lo

  5. by Alexandre Nedelec

Runners up

  1. by JD Lien
  2. by Carlonn Rivers
  3. by Matt Lawrence
  4. by Ishant Chauhan
  5. by Sreekesh Iyer
  6. by Esosa otu
  7. by Irem Karaoglu
  8. by Christos
  9. by Ákos KΕ‘mΕ±ves
  10. by Eamonn Cottrell

Noteworthy authors

  1. by Ayu Adiati
  2. by Yev Rachkovan
  3. by Andrew James Okpainmo
  4. by Aquib Jawed
  5. by Faheem Khan
  6. by Yuri
  7. by Jacob Habib
  8. by Sharannyo Basu
  9. by Franklin Ohaegbulam
  10. by Muna Menuga

How to claim the prizes

The Hashnode team will reach out to the winners, runners up, and noteworthy authors on their registered email addresses from October 10th onwards with more details. Please reach out to support if you have any questions.

We're incredibly proud of the community we have built so far. There are more hackathons and writeathons lined up for this year. Don't forget to join Hashnode's Discord server and follow @hashnode on Twitter.

Love πŸ’™

Team Hashnode